Sunday 23 August 2015

Reinforcements for Mech Attack and some finished buildings

I had enough of a good time with Mech Attack last time around that I decided to paint up a few more mechs', filling out both blue and red team to the classical lance size of 4.
 Even if Mech Attack prooved unfitting for VOTOMS-style games, I'll be using it for the big robots, while the smaller ones will use Clash on the Fringe for the moment at least.

But enough about that, here are the things we all came to see, giant stompy robots!

Group shot of both lances with all mechs' present.

The first new blue mech is a chicken walker style light mech', armed with 4 machineguns. 

The second blue mech' is a medium one. Armed with dual cannons and rocket pods, it's looking dangerous indeed!

Seeing how effective the blue heavy was in my last game, I decided that the red team should have a missile mech' as well. So the medium selection for the red team carries three sets of missiles, and I'll give him a machinegun if there's points left.

The last mech' of the day is the red teams light. I'm unsure if I should arm him with lasers or cannons, but he'll definitely get some engine upgrades to make him a faster and more elusive target!

These are the first bunch of buildings I previewed earlier, but now they've been properly decked out with signs.

The first set. A few highrises and some town houses and a big building to represent communal buildings etc.

I also took some pics with Clarke and a Mech' posing for scale:

The second set of buildings, before getting their final touches.

And then we have the same buildings again, with their signs and posters on:

Quite a useful set of buildings, I'm going to build a few built-up areas for them to sit on as well when time permits.
I hope to use the both for my mecha games and also urban games with Clash on the Fringe.

Long overdue, I have finished up a few test pieces for my 3mm games. Now that laserstorm might entice me to use my 3mm collection more often, I went ahead and painted these: 

From left to right; a factory with a fence, a small mansion and finally some highrises.

The factory felt like a good objective piece, something fairly crucial to fight over. Maybe they make munitions or something equally usefull, who knows? I'm not crazy happy about the 20th century look, but I guess that even in space some things will be the same! O8 Cesarion tank for scale.

The mansion I envisioned as another possible objective, might belong to a local governor or be a field command post. again an O8 Cesarion tank for scale.

The highrises I just sort of banged together to see if it would work at all. I'll let you judge for yourselves, but I think that they're good enough to pass muster. I'd like at least a few more, and quite a few differently sized ones to make a small city. I'd like it big enough to cover about half the table so that you can have the city as a focus for battle, but still have space for battles on the outskirts.

I'll have more on the 3mm city-building as I come up with more pieces!

I have quite a few interesting bits and bobs to share with you in the coming days, an episode of Saga of Clarke and new terrain boards amongst them and the plans for some mecha action using CoTF!

Til next time!


  1. Love the Mechs Alexander, they are really coming together and all the terrain, will be good to see a game set in a city :-)

    1. Thanks Yoshimi :)
      I actually have a battle that played out in the city, I hope to post it soon!

  2. Very nice Alexander! Are those em4 mechs? and did you make the buildings? I recognise some as Brigade, but if you made the others, how did you do it?

    1. Thanks Colin, the mechs are Reaper CAV mechs from the new bones kickstarter. I've been looking at the EM-4 ones too though, some day..

      Yes, the bigger buildings are all built by me, using some craft boxes and cassette tape boxes. Then I used some anti-skid net to make the windows and card to make the doors. The posters were sourced from the internet, and printed and glued to the buildings to trick them out.
      No brigade buildings here, but I'll admit that I was inspired by those, and I have a bunch!
      The 3mm buildings are built from monopoly houses.

  3. I asked Ivan how to do small mecha in 5 core once here's a link to his reply
    For VOTOMS all you need to add are rules for mecha with gliding wheels.
    I like the large casette tape case buildings, were they inspired by Ironhand's Gundam buildings per chanche?
    If not here's a link
    Lots of cool ideas there (warning huge time waster ;-)

    1. I've seen that post before, thanks for reminding me! Being quite enamoured with CotF at the moment, I'll probably give that a go first, but I'll keep the 5core option open! :)

      The cassette buildings were inspired by the gundam buildings as well as some battletech terrain posts I saw a while back, well spotted!

      I agree with you, iron hands have great stuff, can (and have) looked at it for hours!