Saturday 31 May 2014

Brigade Buildings

The desert-style buildings I got from Brigade models is now mostly finished, a few of the bigger ones are getting decals, or failing that, I might make a stencil for some instead..

But enough about that, here is the evidence of their almost-completion:

The whole set on a 2"x2" board, there is some blank spots, but I have plans for a road network, a parking lot for the lab and central structure and some other ideas bouncing around to fill it out.

 A few Close-ups of the 4 1"x1" sections, showing a little more detail..

More close-ups of the groups of buildings, trying to show off the detail of the models!

And there we are, a mostly finished Town! With the last few pieces I bought from Michael over at Angel Barracks, it should flesh out the city further. Now I need to make those promised roads and parking lots.. But next on the list is the timecast scatter terrain, for the upcoming battle! 

Wednesday 28 May 2014

New terrain, and some WIP shots

When I came home from work yesterday I found that I've been waiting for the last week or so, my order from Timecast Models!

So I snapped a few photos of it;


You can't just get one, you might realize you need more sometime in the distant future, so I covered my bases...
 Í unpacked one set to have a look at all the different bits, the kit actually contains 6 and 10mm pieces, but I think I'll be able to find a use for most of them anyway. Quality-wise it was about what I expected, clean and crips for the most part and only a few air-bubbles on one or two pieces.

I'm very pleased with the purchase, now I just need to get them painted as well..

On the topic of things that needs paint, I have a few WIP pictures to share today as well:

 Brigade models exellent not"Ma.K" Power Armor, I love these guys! I haven't yet figured out how to fit them in my setting, but I have a few Ideas..
 A GZG shuttle bus, I thought that my Colonial miners needed some way of getting about, can't have them walking to the mineral fields and the mines, now can we?  The PA kindly stood in for scale.

That's all the new things for today, I hope to have an update with the finished Brigade Buildings in a few days, then I can start on the terrain for the next battle between the Union and the Warg mercs..

Hope you've enjoyed it!

Tuesday 27 May 2014

First 6mm brigade building finished!

I recently received some buildings I ordered from brigade a few weeks back, and since I had decided to make one of the upcoming Fireteam Andromeda games a urban battle I started to experiment with colors that wouldn't clash too much  with the board I built.

Here's what I came up with:

The truck is a GZG transporter I have painted up for another scenario knocking around inside my head..

Sorry for the low-quality pic, only had my cellphone camera at that moment.

C&C welcome

Monday 26 May 2014

Some stuff I painted up

I thought since I started this blog to motivate myself to paint more often and reduce the dreaded lead mountain sitting in my hobby room, I'd make my first post an image-dump.

So here is some stuff I painted:

First some 6mm stuff, infantry and vehicles from DRM and GZG, the Buildings and terrain from Michael at Angelbarracks

And then there is the 15mm stuff; a mix of models from GZG, Rebel Minis and Brigade.

I hope you have enjoyed it, there will hopefully be more, as soon as I get around to painting it!