Friday 27 February 2015

More Mayhem

Last week something quite rare occured, I played a game with a friend rather than a solo game!
He had shown some interest in my different projects, and Mayhem in particular, so we set up a quick and simple game. He commanded the Undead legions, and I brought out my freshly painted Goblin horde.
All of the photos are taken with a mobile camera, so the quality is a bit iffy, I do apologize for that!
Setup, and the first turn of movement.
My troll crashes into his skeletons, causing disorder, but he is quickly struck down by the undead Blackguard (black and red shields).

In an epic confrontation, the spider cavalry charges, and destroys the dragon.

The mosh-pit, this protracted engagement lasted most of the fight, ending only when the stubborn goblin archers finally fell to the undead onslaught. 

Everything was looking good, the cavalry had come upon the flanks of the undead, but when they charged, disaster struck! Both sides rolled a 1 for the combat score, meaning they both were destroyed!

Continuing the trend of mutually assured destruction, the undead wraiths clash with some of the goblin warriors, and they end up destroying eachother too.

 The battle was not going my way, with the loss of cavalry and almost all my spearmen, along with half of my archers, I managed to bring my opponent to this breaking point, but we both kept making our break checks.
 After a few more turns I finally conceded defeat, having left my last few units too far back to do any good this late in the battle.

It was a fun game nevertheless, and nice to play against a human opponent! His interest piqued, we have set a date for another game, planning to try out a dungeon crawl.

Tuesday 24 February 2015

Wastelanders on the fringe?

When I first heard that there would be a post-apoc version of FiveCore, I got really exited, and wasted no time picking out a couple of models. Most of these are supposed to pull double duty, filling similar roles in FiveParsecs as well as their primary role. 

The full tally, I might have gotten a bit exited about this after all the fantasy models. 

 With his improvised zip-gun/shot spear, Abe has caught more than one raider unawares.
Mike had to go through a lot to make it as a merc, but his hard work has made him one of the most sought-after guns-for-hire in the zone. 

Survival in the wasteland often comes down to how good your scavenging skills are, and Dimitri has a knack for finding useful things.  

Trent knows much of the unchartered zone, a knowledge that makes his services as a tracker costly. 

Looking for any tech of the old world, Zeb wants to uncover secrets from before the fall. 

His ill-fitting armor and clothes are hand me downs from the man who raised him.  

A relic of lost tech, the deathwand carried by Riggs is the envy of his settlement.   

The next group is one of the factions of the wasteland, a military/Brotherhood of Steel-type group.
They are known as the Knights.
A captain carrying a tracker, a piece of advanced Tech. 

Knight-brothers, armed with advanced heavy assault rifles and composite armor, 
mended with pieces of steel.  

The heavy weapons Knight, carring a flamethrower.
Another faction of the wasteland is the Order, religious warriors hoping to impose order and law in the wasteland. 

In the last stages of the war, biological, chemical and atomic weapons were deployed. This obviously had some serious reprecussions for all life. Most things died, but of the ones who survivied was changed, some more than others. Ghouls are one of the more common ones, both men and beasts suffer ghoulification, making them into zombie-like creatures.  

I also painted up a few civilians while I waited for my next set from Prf-CinC, they may look harmless, but looks can be deceiving..

A small truck, mostly intended for the fringe (sci-fi), but it might find some uses for the wasteland as well.

One of the thankfully quite rare Tiger Scorpions, a mutated monstrosity that roam the wasteland, escaped from some sealed lab from before the war, or maybe even a product of mutation and forced evolution..

This will hopefully provide enough models for me to play a few rounds when I aquire the playtest rules, but I of course have a few ideas for more creatures and a few more wastelanders as well!
A few pieces of terrain for both the dungeon and the wasteland are waiting for paint, and I keep coming up with several more all the time.

But this is it for now, til next time!  

Sunday 22 February 2015

Brave and foolish heroes arrive at the dungeons

The potential heroes for my dungeon crawls are finally finished! My big issue now turns to choosing my party setup, and since the number of models is heavily in favor of the martial characters (the entire first row!), I may end up with more than one. Some of the characters have part of a background, some only a name or nothing more than a general description.
The full set of candidates, 16 all told, arranged into some sort of category; Front row is 8 martial characters, warriors, pitfighters and knights amogst them.
 The second row is the magical characters, wizards, sorcerers and warlocks of one sort or another. The final row is a mixed bag, containing support and specialist characters who's roles aren't always as easily defined.

A dwarwen warrior, carrying a adamantine hammer, the treasured artifact of his clan.

An elven knight from a mysterious order, he is a brother knight to the Iron Bull.

Having fought in the slave-pits since his capture many years ago, the pitfighter does not remember his own name, but the one that is chanted when he enters the pit; Brutus. He's not been seen for quite some time, but rumors circulate in the kingdom that he escaped the pits..

Still wearing the uniform of his disgraced unit, this warrior fights to restore glory to the name of the Isenburg Ironmen. 

Hailing from one of the many tribes that wander the fringes of the ashen wastes and the tundra, Gunnar is a proud son of his people.

A veteran adventurer and former soldier, Zelg is drawn to the dungeon for the usual promises of gold and glory. 

Iron Bull, a brother knight of the elven knight. They both travel the land seeking to find the lost artifacts of their order, and to kill the wicked abominations that all too often attack the innocent.

Originally from the far Eastern continent, Ya'shi is a bored noble's son, out for a taste of adventure. He is skilled his longbow, a traditional weapon of his homeland.

An elven mage, he carries an amplifying staff to increase his mastery over the weaves of magic.

This robed and beared man is a member of the Lapis order. Famous for their seers and healers, the order seeks to know the secrets of the universe as well as the secrets of men.

The Lapis order doesn't just produce seers and healers however, a small number of their members and trained as battle-wizards. Harken is just such a man, and with his trusted staff, he goes forth to discover what secrets the dungeon hold.

Functioning like a priestess and mage both, Lyssa is a fairly rare sight outside the temples of her god, but she has been granted a vision from her diety; She must seek out a relic of a opposing god and destroy it, to turn the tide in a war between the two. 

A mystic from the southern deserts. His appearance at the dungeon has everybody wondering what he is, to attempt such a perilous task seemingly unarmed and unprotected..

Not all that hear the call of a god become priests or monks, for the faithfull need to be defended from the forces of darkness. Some men, like Zacharian, are called to defend the innocent with both prayer and sword. Warpriests.

Sneaking through dungeons is not all that different than crowded city streets, but the stakes, and the rewards, are much higher. This is why Merric intends to brave the dungeon, to make his fortune and live a carefree life.

His strangely archaic speech and mannerism sets him apart from the remaining people that showed up when the dungeon was discovered. What is it that he hopes to find in these dark and dangerous halls? Like in the case of the mystic, nobody knows..

That's the whole lot for now, but I have a feeling there will be more of them in due time..

While I let this simmer in the back of my mind, hopefully giving me some sort of clarity as to how the party should look, I will go back to the future, resuming work on terrain and models for more Five Parsecs as well as Broken World, the upcoming post-apoc rules from NWG.

I actually have a few models that will fit both projects already painted up, but they will be a separate post in a few days, to keep things tidy. There will be suitably shabby-looking terrain pieces along shortly as well!

Saturday 14 February 2015

Decorating a dungeon pt1 and some WiPs

I promised some time ago that there would be terrain to decorate my dungeon, and now the first pieces are ready to see the light of day! This is only a small set, but there are of course more things planned!

Doors felt like the natural next step when the tile-set was complete, so they were the first I started working on. Somwhere along the way I (of course) got sidetracked and started fiddling with tables and trying out methods for building chairs as well. 

From the lack of chairs, you might have guessed that my original idea was flawed, and while the chair problem is being pondered, I finished these tables instead.

The bookshelves are inspired by a similar build from's youtube-channel, but I had to come up with some solutions of my own since mine are for 6mm rather than 25/28mm. There will be books too at some stage, but for now the shelves are empty..

The doors look resonably good, on the table it looks good, even if the seam between wall and door-post looks big in the close-ups.

Looking better than the sum of their parts, I puit together a small room to show of the pieces as a whole. I must say I'm quite pleased after all!

I promised you some WiP's in the title of this post, and I shall not go back on my word.

These are some of the potential candidates for my Dungeon-crawl party, the ones that doesn't make the team will be used for npc's, replacements and the odd villian perhaps..

I will try to finish up the painting soon, so I can get to choosing my party, who will also have the dubious honor of being some of the guinea-pigs for my FiveCore Fantasy playtests.

With the FiveCore post-apoc supplment Broken World in the works, I have started planning characters and more apocalypse-friendly terrain so that I'm good and ready when it's time to head out into the wasteland.

Til next time!