Monday 26 January 2015

Tiny heroes and villians appear on the fringe

With my fantasy dungeon taking up a lot of time, I haven't been doing much exept planning,building and painting various modules and terrain for this Project.
I did however finish a large batch of 6mm sci-fi and fantasy minis before I got started on my current project.

 There was enough of them that I decided to make 2 posts, one for each setting.
So first we have some models for my 6mil Five Parsecs (and possibly other) games:

 The heroes/adventurers. A group of death-defying men and women out for treasure, glory and power. No backstory for the models as of now, but that will be sorted as soon as I decide who's on the team.

These guys are one of the main antagonists, a nomadic space-travelling race, mostly up to piracy and other nefarious crimes. The color of their armor denotes the rank of the individual in the heirarchy of the fleet. The leader of this crew is probably the one figure I'm most pleased with out of this entire set.

These unassuming fellows could be either rebels or cleverly disguised agents of one of the major powers of the Fringe. Our heroes might even have to help out or rescue a few of them..

The last set of models I painted was the Space Bugs. They might be an alien species, a genetic experiment of the big corporations or something inbetween.. The marine on the far left is a possible hero character, he's just here for scale!

That's the first half of the bunch, next up I'll show off the 6mil Warbands for fantasy.
There is some spaceships and a few pieces of terrain in the works as well, but there will probably be an update in a few weeks time, when the current project finishes up. With my reinforcements from Micro World, Baccus and Irregular, there are a few more 6mm armies that will take to the field this spring as well! 

Monday 19 January 2015

Outer colonies and woodlands

Today's post is really a mixed bag, while I sort out the photos of both 6mil fantasy and Five Parsecs models, I have some other things to share.

First up is some more 3mm goodness, courtesy of O8:

The Outer Colonies.
The first 13 bases, all armored vehicles, not a squishy infantryman in sight! Their infantry with apc backup will arrive eventually, for now they have big stompy robots to fill in for the grunts.

Armed with powerful pulse-lasers and MRLS shoulder-packs, the OC battlesuits pack quite a punch, and able to deal with a diverse number of threats. They are often deployed by the Crow transports, allowing them more mobility than the suits would on their own.

Like most armies, the MBT of the OC is their workhorse. Mounting a 120mm rail-gun, their tanks are built to deal with any armored threat, no matter how tough.

Finally, the Crow transport VTOL. These carry not only soldiers and battlesuits into combat, but remain on standby for fire-support missions and re-deployment at a moments notice. 

There are also a few items from the colonies, for use with the 6mil FiveParsecs campaign:
A few lovely items from AB: 

A supply depot. Fuel, tools and maybe even some weapons?

 A small schack, made up from various bits left over from the first landing. the original ferrocrete structure has been extended with sheets of metal and other left-overs.

Another schack, this one entirely from corrugated metal sheets, probably stolen from one of the many construction sites.

For the people of more distinguished tastes, the OKI Corporation makes the MHU, or Modular Habitation Unit. A self-contained module that has all the comforts of home, with the added protection of blast-proof doors and walls.

These crates and sacks can be used both for sci-fi and my fantasy games, containing anything a colonist, (or adventurer) needs.

A few barrels, color coded depending on their contents. 

A Cave for my Goblins and other horrors to appear from, and a few bases of trees and woodland bases.

Close-up of a few trees. 

The Woodland bases, sans trees.
That's the whole lot for now, but as always I have more things waiting in the wings. A couple of spaceship have mysteriously arrived for one.. 
 The next few weeks are mostly being devoted to building a new set of dungeon tiles so I can finally start my dungeoncrawl, and painting all the denizens and furniture of said dungeon.
I'll try to sort out the pics of all the 6mm models I just finished, but there's close to 50 of them so I might split it into 2 posts, 1 for each category.
Til next time! 

Sunday 11 January 2015

The restless dead

Since my rekindled interest for fantasy gaming has me in a tight grip, I have some progress to share with you today.

Strangely enough I have built more and more terrain (which is actually a good thing) and not only for fantasy, but the sci-fi stuff will be revealed when I've based all the models to go with them.

From the northern reaches comes the reviled necromancers and with them, their undying servants.

The whole army, 1 Necromancer command stand, 1 stand of Wight Black Guard, 1 unit of Wraiths, and 2 stands each of spearmen, bowmen and Wight Knights.  

The Necromancer leads his horde of undead, accompanying him is a musican relaying his orders with his drum, and an vampire acting as his advisor.

The Black Guard is the Necromancers elite guard. These warriors are some the finest that ever lived, re-animated and controlled by the dark will of their master.

Wights, spirits from the realm of the dead. They take the shape most feared by the enemy they face, the most common form being that of the reaper, with the unmistacable scythe.

Wight Knights are former cavalrymen. The Necromancer will often raise the dead sons or retainers of the enemy they are facing, so as to unnerve their opponents further.  

While they are no match for their elven counterparts, the skeletal bowmen of the undead horde are both numerous and relentless. Firing unceasing volleys, they saturate their target with arrows.

Raised from the ranks of common spearmen, the Necromancer´s spearmen only retain basic skills from their past life. Their strenght lies in the massed ranks of Spears and the shieldwall.

  There are quite a few pieces I'm working on at the moment, some only waiting for me to photograph them, but for today, I have 2 sets of terrain to show you:

Inspired by numerous internet junk-builds, I finally got around to some hedges. While primarily for my fantasy games, they could be used in a fancier part of space as well. Made from pieces of scouring pads glued to craft sticks, they are easy enough (and fast enough) to make that I will probably build quite a few more. 

On the slightly more timeconsuming side, I have these barricades. They didn't take too long to make, using cut-up tooth picks, but it was fiddly work. They got a nice irregular shape to them though, so I'm quite pleased. I might make a few more if time permits.

That's it for now, but I have a few 6mm and even some 3mm treats lined up, as soon as I can get around to basing them all. And provided I don't start painting the spaceships I've been eyeing for some time now..

Til next time!