Friday 19 January 2018

First post of 2018; A new crew and a few mechs

Now that the insanity that is the holiday season in retail have come and gone, I finally find some time to post some things that have been standing around almost finished since the end of last year.

Having read a fair bit of space opera as of late and following the exellent The Genesis Findings on TWW (Link), I started thinking about assembling a new crew of my own. Their ship is still in the construction yard, but the 2 principal members , along with some additional characters are all painted up:
The whole bunch, in no particular order of importance.

The yet unnamed captain on the left, with his AI partner in a mobile unit on the right. These two are the crew of the spaceship being constucted, ready to try and make it one the fringe.

Many good stories usually have someone provide a mission or job to our intrepid heroes to venture on, and the lady on the right is just that someone. To the left of her is a bodyguard, a wise precaution in an frequently unwise (and dangerous) galaxy. 

Last of the characters prepared for now is these three. A warrior in an unfamiliar armor, a seemingly normal woman in a dress and what is presumably a person in survival gear, including a gasmask. What do they have in common, and where their paths cross, who can say?

I also managed to finish up not only my first lance of Battlemechs, but also my customized unit of EM-4 mechs for the NTC:

The 1st lance. For those of you unfamiliar with Battletech, these mechs are painted up as Lyran Guard, part of armed forces of the Lyran Commonwealth ruled by House Steiner. The lance consists of  2 Warhammers to the left and 2 Flashmen to the right. All four are classified as heavy mechs.

In the non-BT mech category we have the new unit of NTC mechs, all made from EM-4 mechs and modded with various bits from GW, Heavy Gear and Maelstroms edge. 

These first two I originally made to be a paired team for another mech-based project that didn't really get off the ground, so I folded them into the NTC as possible commanders/super heavy units due to their extensive modifications.

And that is all I have to share in a state fit to display!

I am working on finishing up some buildings and bits of terrain, as well as the spaceship for the crew from the top of the post. A Mech or two might find it's way onto my table as well, as they are know to do.

Til next time!