Thursday 6 August 2015

Big stompy robots and deema fields

Like a lot of people, I like mecha of all types and sizes. But the big stompy kind is something dear to me since childhood, something quite common for someone growing up in the 80s and 90s from what I've come to understand.

So a while back Reaper ran the CAV bones kickstarter, and so I had to get in on the action!
I've been checking for a good ruleset to play around with them for a while, and even though CAV:SO and Battletech would be obvious choices none of them really appealed to me enough..
But a few weeks back I came across some posts about Armor Grids Mech Attack, a fast-playing mecha game that seemed to have all the crucial bits.

Now I just had to paint some robots!

I've painted up the first pair of mechs for each side, for the moment know simply as red and blue, pending a (slightly) more proper backstory.

All 4 giant killing machines gathered together.

The red team. I've decided to stat the left mech as a medium mech with lasers and missiles, while the right one will be a heavy fitted with twin-linked laser and heavy machinegun. The torso-mounted MG's might be added if I have points to spare in my design.

Some close-ups:

The blue team. Left mech will be a medium chassis with 2 lasers and 2 missiles, while the right one will be a heavy with 2 missiles and an MG. I might fit another MG if I can when the rest is in place..

And some close-ups of the blue team:

These guys will hopefully see some action in the near future, and I have actually started putting together a few taller buildings from various junk to give them a city to fight over (and possibly destroy).

My main focus is still the Clash on the Fringe campaign; Saga of Clarke, and therefore I have a piece for the next episode that I must admit I'm ashamed that I didn't finish earlier since I've ahd it for over a year in my terrain pile:

  Yes, the deema fields. These fairly unassuming plants are what turns into one of the most sought after drugs in many parts of the fringe. Some of you may recall that Clarke was sent to see what had gone wrong with a deal at the deema collective on Churchill 7 just as episode 2 was wrapping up.

With this piece I believe I have what I need for episode 3 in the Saga of Clarke, so keep your eyes open for it in the near future!
I also finished my first playtest of Ivan from NWG's latest piece; Laserstorm, a big battle sci-fi ruleset. So the first pics with initial thoughts will be up soon too!

Til next time!


  1. They look great fun, look forward to seeing them in a game and look forward to see what happens to Clarke and the deema fields.

    1. Thanks Yoshimi! Clarke's latest adventure should be up soon, along with the first outing of the mechs as well!