Wednesday 12 August 2015

Trying out Mech Attack!

I love mechas a lot. 

But I rarely play any games with them, usually due to my percived lack of good rules to play with. So when I did a search recently Mech Attack popped up more than a few times, and almost always with nothing but good things being mentioned, so I thought it was high time to play more with some big stompy robots!

A quickly but together battlefield, as I hadn't finished up my taller buildings yet, more on those in a few days!

The red team. 

And the blue team. 
I've been thinking that they might become houses of their own, maybe house Cerulean and house Scarlet or something like that. I like the Battletech fluff and such, so I might end up borrowing from it quite a lot.

Wierd angle shot, I'll try not to make any more of these!

The giants slowly move to engage..

The Blue medium (I really need to come up with some names for these guys!) gets the first hits in, knocking of some armor from red medium, and destroying some heatsinks. Ouch

Red heavy tries and fails to even hit his opponent, keeping up the preformance from his loan to the USS perhaps?

The red medium makes a more inpressive show of it, destroying the left arm of blue medium. It doesn't take long before the blue heavy has a swarm of missiles take off the same left arm from red though.

With just the one arm, red medium goes all out, firing every weapon system he has, and it pays off!
The blue mech takes 2 critical hits, the damage overloading the system and the mech is out of the fight!

Sadly for the red medium, another swarm of missiles from the blue mech puts a stop to any further involvement in this fight, as he takes no less than 3 crits and is taken out as well!

Now in my enthusiasm I forgot to take any photos untill the final fiery explosion. The red mech managed to cripple one leg of the blue mech, allowing him to stay close, inside the minimum range of the missiles at least half of the time.
They both took quite a savage beating, none of them had more than a handful of armor blocks left on the grid by the time the red mech managed a lucky hit that blew the power core of his opponent.

It was lots of fun, but I realize that I'll probably re-design the mechs a bit for the next fight and see if I can't manage to paint up four more units, so I'll have a full lance per side!

I should have another game of Laserstorm and Clarkes 3rd adventure up in a few days, along with the buildings that I started making for these guys.

Til next time!


  1. How long did the game take? Looks like it flew faster than an equivalent Battletech match, which would have my interests for sure.

    1. The game took me about 30-45 minutes, I was much to busy with blowing up robots to keep exact track! ;)
      It feels not too dissimilar from battletech, and some folks over on TMP even posted some Battletech conversions for Mech Attack, so there's that going for it as well. Most players I've talked to have had a lot of good things to say about it, so I'd recommend you try it, I don't think you'll regret it!

  2. What fun! I keep thinking of doing a battle like that with my old Mechwarrior miniatures I cut from their clicky bases. The CAV mechs do look awfully sweet, though!

    Good battle report. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. It really was fun! Funny you should say that, since it seems that other than me, Clicky mechwarriors seems to be what people play this game with!

      The Cav mechs appeal to me more than a lot of the battletech ones, even if there are some nice Battlemechs and Mechwarrior models!

      Thanks, I'd really recommend these rules to anyone who wants a quick and fun mecha game, rather than the exercice in arithmetic that battletech often becomes!

  3. Great stuff Alexander, always interesting to read about an area of gaming I know nothing about, ta for the introduction :-)

    1. Thank you, and you're welcome! ;)
      Mecha and spaceships have a special place in my heart, and lately I've been trying to get some more of my hobby time devoted to it!

  4. Cool AAR. I like the CAV mechs. I don't have any of them (yet), but I will probably pick some up in the future. For my Mech Attack games, I use the Battleforce scale BT minis from Iron Wind Metals.

    1. Thanks! I'd love to see yours too if you have any pics!

    2. I believe you may have already seen them. In any case, a few pictures are located here:

      I need to get back on the painting bandwagon. The backlog keeps growing.

    3. Oh, so those bad boys are yours, very nice!

  5. Nice mechs, though I prefer mine a bit smaller ;-)
    Do you think this game could do something like VOTOMs or Heavy Gear style combat?

    1. I do love heavy gear/VOTOMS/anime mecha as well, GZGs 6mm mechs are some of the best in the scale if you like that aesthetic!
      I think you might, but most of your mechs would have to be designed with higher movement and lower amount of armor boxes than standard mechs in Mech attack if you want to stay true to the relative frailty of Gears/ATs.
      I think I might try a game with some VOTOMS now, thanks for the idea!

    2. Yeah, the GZG VOTOMS rock, I have a bunch of them converted with some National Cheese Emporium weapons.
      I look forward to reading the AAR.