Friday 24 October 2014

Cleanin' up the streets

Terrain is one of those things that can really make a good table great, and it's also one of those things I usually over-look in favour of painting even more grunts..

Some time ago I received some items from Khurasan minis, and now, with the exeption of the big pieces, they're done!

The street-sweepers, a nice little cleaning bot.  

Some containers and boxes, but not like the ones you know, because these are in spaaace...
The top four were painted in red and green to represent unlocked (green) and locked (red) storage/Equipment containers.

Oil drums, for some of the skinny fighters to hide behind. And for bums to light fires in.

Vending Machines: because even even mass-murdering aliens might get the munchies..
(I know I missed the top of the right one, I only realized that it upside down on my painting stick after I took the photos..)
Once again expanding my already needlessly large pool of mid-tech human grunts, I painted up some Rebel Earthforce Marines this week as well..
To be honest I really just wanted to paint the HAMR suits, but I figured they might as well get some ground-pounders as well :)

I have some more 15mm sci-fi in my queue, some terrain and 15mm fantasy adventurers.
Til next time! 

Monday 20 October 2014

The CSA readies for deployment

After endless agonizing about paint-schemes, I have finally finished the first elements of my first 3mm sci-fi force, the CSA.

The Core System Alliance, CSA for short, is a military alliance between some of the major nations of Terra, along with the first established Colonial nations of Luna, Mars, Venus and Jupiter. The CSA employs volountary recruits, and due to severe over-population most drafts are from Earth.

Established in A.D 2211, the CSA was formed in mutual defence of its member nations, due to rising tensions on Earth. Forming out of the earlier pacific Sino-American Alliance, the CSA has grown to encompass most of the western world, from China and Japan to the west, to England and France to the east. The Scandinavian countries and Germany, along with Poland are some of the last to join on terra.     

 During the first settlement, many of the colonies were established by either the CSA or it's main opponent, the Solar Bloc, SB for short. This way the colonies turned into  proxies for the two giant opponents, moving their conflict into space.

 The Solar Bloc mainly consist of Central Asian states, along with a few of the eastern european countries, most notable among them is the great kingdom of Romania-Hungary.
With Russia being largely uninhabitable due to the actions of the SAA during the war for Mars (a.d 2180-2195), many of the former soviet states have rallied behind Romania-Hungary.
  Many of the smaller colonial nations as well as poorer ones on terra, have joined the Solar Bloc, dissaffected by the authoritarianism of the CSA. 

Part of a Company of the CSA. HQ in the middle, 4 mechanized platoons of infantry and 2 platoons of MBT's.  

Company HQ, giving orders from their C&C APC. 

The grunts, 4 platoons of mechanized infantry, each transported by an "Alligator" APC, carrying a platoon each. Every platoon have a smart missile operator and assault rifles. 

The main workhorse of the CSA, The Cavalier MBT. Armed with a 110mm Hard-beam cannon, as well as Heavy coax machineguns, this tank is often used to punch a hole through enemy formations.

These are the first members of the Company, more tanks and APCs, as well as some air support and transport will be showing up in due time. So will their enemy, the Solar Bloc's forces as well.

I hope you've liked it!

Saturday 18 October 2014

Galactic Armor closing in

The Mullo AFV have left the manufactories for the frontlines, ready to reinforce key strongpoints in the Galactic Marines forward combat zones.

A shot with a Galactic Marine, as well as a geo shelter for scale. As you can see, it's a monster, a really nice sculpt! 

This heavy tank comes with three different loadouts:

The Angis Cannon, an armour-piercing hard-round weapon, equally proficient at taking on light armour as infantry.

The Valerin Laser variant, with the option of broad or tight-beam settings, this energy weapon can take out infantry when needed, though it's primary use is as a anti-armour weapon.

Finally, the RailGun version, a dedicated armour killer, the hyper-velocity rounds can take out armoured targets on the ground as well as the air.

I also have something else I managed to finish up:

A GZG 6x6 light truck, a perfect piece for objectives or as a transport for all sorts of sci-fi! I will most likely use it for our Spec-Ops skirmish games, but it might see use in FPFH or the Space Opera-verse as well!

Next time I hope to have some more 15mm infantry, as well as the first platoons for my 3mm Sci-fi project!


Sunday 12 October 2014

Stand by for drop

It has taken longen than it should have, but I have finally finished my Corbal Hardpoint!

It was fun to paint, with lots of different details, panels and such. I think I spent more time trying to decide what panels to color white than I did actually painting them! 

Now that the Galactic Marines have their deployable sky tower, I best get to work on their tanks, since they just arrived!

Hope you've liked it!

Thursday 9 October 2014

Ever more dark warriors appear

The Legion has once more made a push deep into human space. Led by a never before seen unit, several small colony outposts have been pillaged by the Legion.
If it wasn't for the brave actions of the local militia of outpost 713, the galactic council might not have discovered the enemy behind their lines, untill it was too late.

 During a routine patrol of the farms and refugee camps on Septimus Alpha, the men of the 713th started finding whole sites abandoned, burnt and looted.
 Little did they know this was but a distraction, to draw them further from their garrison. While the majority of the militiamen were out investigating, the Legion struck their garrison.

A distress call was made, and the fighting was fierce, but with the Legion troops and their betrayers in possession most of the heavy weapons, the militia was defeated. Before they could be captured however, they managed to get a data burst off to the nearest ship in orbit, who relayed the battlefield intel of the new mysterious enemy.

The new fighters were clearly Nox, the power armored brutes the legion employed as shocktroops.
This particular unit had not been seen before, no one had seen them get past the frontlines and lived to tell about it, or even had the time to send out a distress call.
Who is this new enemy, and where will it strike next? 

 The leader of this unit known amongst the Legion as the Black Bulls. It is a prestigious unit, not commited to the war before it was considered crucial, for it's so powerfull it's believed to be able to turn the course of the entire invasion.

Only the most ruthless and powerful of the Nox are given the honor of joining the Black Bulls. The training is harsh and unrelenting and while only a few makes it through, those who do come out alive are stronger than any other.

While armaments are personal and chosen by the individual Nox, once chosen they train until both unit and individual warriors is of one mind, acting more like parts of a single organism towards the same goal, rather than individuals. 

It's a grave threat that faces the Galactic Marines, these warriors are not to be taken lightly. Will they be able to prevail against such a force, or will the combined might of the Legion crush them, like it has done so many others?

I felt that I had to paint some more Space Opera, not only to make room for the Mullo tanks that should be arriving any day now, but also to give the Legion a well needed boost in numbers.
I have begun work on my Corbal deployable hardpoint, and with the aforementioned tanks, the Galactic Marines will surely make a concentrated effort to push the Legion back through their breach into human space.

Hope you've liked it!

Wednesday 8 October 2014

Go small or go home?

Having been inspired to do more "big battle"-gaming lately, I realize that 15mm is simply too big with the limited gaming space I have available.
So 6mm seems like an obvious choice, smaller, so it allows for more units on the board, good amount of different sculpts, I have already got a small collection etc.  Lots of good stuff basicly.

But, having stumbled onto the Lead Doesn't Bleed  blog, as well as Mr. Average's posts on both the commander-series and Angel Barrack's forum, my eyes have been opened to the possibilities of 3mm gaming.

So now I'm faced with the dilemma of deciding, is 6mm small enough, or should I go for something even smaller? I did place a small order with O8 to check out the 3mm models in "the flesh" so to speak, and I have a few (poor) comparison shots:

 Left to right: DRM 6mm Industrial infantry,O8 3mm Heavy sci-fi infantry, O8 3mm Caesarion MBT
  In the center: DRM 6mm Tiger light tank. To the right and bottom of the shot: O8 3mm Caesarion MBT

While I try to decide, I will paint some more Space Opera minis, I need to clear space for my Mullo tanks that are coming in from The Ion Age!

If you have any ideas or suggestions to help me decide, feel free to comment!

Two new armies arrive at the field of battle

For the past week or so I have been working on a set of long over-due fantasy armies in 6mm, for mass battles. I got the Mayhem rules a few weeks back, and promptly decided it was time to move my 6mm microworld models up the queue list!

The first army I built, and really the reason for ordering 6mm fantasy in the first place, was a Lizardmen army:

All great warhosts need an opponent, so I painted up some worshippers of dark and detestable gods, known to most as the "Dark men":

With this painting project finished, I can now turn my attention back to sci-fi! With a rekindled interest in bigger battles than my 15mm projects normally allow, I'm contemplating yet another sci-fi project..

Hope you've liked it!