Monday 29 September 2014

Imperial Armour spotted!

With my first Imperials finished a while back, they were still in need of some transport, as well as something with a bit more bite than their blasters.
Being a kind and fair overlord, I set about acquiring some for them. Last week their armour, along with some adventurers and foes for an upcoming dungeon crawl arrived. So I got to work.

Now the 1st Imperial armoured grav squad and the IFV transports are ready to roll out (figuratively speaking of course, since they don't use anything as primitve as wheels!)

The first units have already been deployed to the frontline units of the Imperial Conquest Force.

Bringing the brave troops into battle is the Aspis hover APC, armed with Twin-blasters and build for speed, it will get you where you're going.

When something needs to be destroyed quickly, be it an enemy armoured unit or a strong-point, the Lancer is called forth. Carrying two fusion lances, it can decimate targets in mere seconds. 

Last but certainly not least, we have the spaceman! I painted this 70's retro sci-fi mostly due to the fact that after Ivan suggested it, the idea wouldn't go away. So I caved, and here he is, in all his Silvery glory!

That's the new pieces this time, keep an eye out for some 6mm fantasy, as well as more Space Opera goodness!

Wednesday 24 September 2014

Tyrians and more terrain

Combating my gamer ADD and "ooh shiny" has gone poorly this week, but I have finished a few pieces.

First is the troops of the Freehold of Tyria, a small force defending their home system.

Mostly made up of an all-volunteer militia, the day to day policing and peacekeeping are handled by the Tyrian System Defence Force.

 The typical squad consists of 2 fireteams, each led by a team leader, with one acting as squad leader when deployed together. The fireteams each have 4 riflemen and 1 specialist, in addition to the leader.

 One of the team leaders, marked by his orange badge.
 Some troopers, with a designated marksman in the middle.
The Tyrian SDF have some anti-tank capability even on the squad level, in the form of disposable anti-armour launchers.

The standard grunt, the backbone of the proud defenders.
Tyria does have a professional military force as well, the Tyrian Aerospace Marine Corp. Known to most of the militia and civilians as "the regulars", the AMC is usually called on when things heat up beyond the scope of the militias duty.
The AMC is organized into 5-man teams, trained to operate jointly with the militia, or on their own when needed. Every team carries heavy auto-rifles and powered armour, as well as some form of support weapon; the most common being the "Scorpion" anti-armour box launcher or the "Buzzsaw" machinegun. 

The AMC platoon leader, looking spiffy with a monocle. (Or is it a bionic Eye?)

 The regular troopers and specialists.
I also finished up a few pieces of terrain. I have been toying around with some stuff that was lying around, and remembering a post I read earlier (sorry, can't remember where) I decided to try my hand at something I've seen a few enterprising terrain makers do:
Alien vegetation, made out of drinking straws. I think they are quite passable, not the greatest trash-bash, but it came out better than expected! 

They were all made in the same fashion; the straws were shaped using an ordinary candle to heat up the plastic to make it warp, then I cut them into pieces that looked interesting to me. Finally I hot-glued them to some old mongoose Mighty Armies bases I had lying around, before painting them.
I hope to be able to post some more terrain pieces I'm working on, as well as some finished fantasy models in the not too distant future. There might even be some tiny-scale stuff showing up soon.. provided I can focus on one project for long enough to have something to show, that is!
Hope you've liked it!

Tuesday 16 September 2014

Queue the Imperial March..

No, these are not the Imperial troopers you are thinking of..

I have managed to focus on a single thing long enough to finish my first two squads of regular troopers for my Laserburn Imperials..

Beloning to a previously unknown empire, the Imperials Clash with both the Galactic Marines as well as the Legion, in their ceaseless conquest. Fanaticly loyal and well trained, the Imperial Void Marines fight any who oppose them, with a tenacity bordering on madness.

The first five-man squad is simply known as the "blue squad", with the second being designated "red squad", simply based on the markings on their armour.

 The only dicernable difference between the two squads is the markings on their armour, and they seem to carry different support weapons, a plasma cannon of some sort, and a multi-barreled kinetic penetrator.

At least one more squad, probably two, is in the works. But I haven't yet recieved the vehicles, and my fantasy projects are making big eyes at me for the moment, as is the more "hard" sci-fi. We'll just have to see what comes next, probably a little of everything!

Saturday 13 September 2014

Pilots, satellites and more

A small update today, since I'm still working on more terrain and some shelters from Mad Mecha Guy.

This is what I've actually finished so far:

A satellite dish from CMG, useful for all types of sci-fi..

 This little scrapper is a Malig Pilot, one of the Ion Age free mini's of the month from a few months back. I think he might turn up as a villian, or possibly even a hero in upcoming campaign turns for FPFH!

I have also finally finished some more fantasy models, I'll start with the Baron's Men, a force for SoBH I started on this summer. They kept being pushed back on the lite of priorities, but with upcoming dungeoncrawls they finally made the cut!

 The full group minus the champion.

Sir Quentyn, the baron himself. A warrior of great skill and ruler loved by his subjects, the baron often leads the attack against his foes, much to the dismay of his councillors.

Thym is the Court wizard, and as such, he is the highest authority on magic and the mystical in the barony. His spells and potions is a boon to Sir Quentyn's people. But as a magican, he is often kept at an arms lenght by the commoners, feared for his mystical powers.

The Champion is a stout warrior, he is the one that leads in the baron's stead when he can be dissuaded from doing so himself.

Carrying the standard of his lord is a high honor, and Guy is the man upon which the honor, as well as the responsibility rests.  

As personal armsman as well as arms-master, Lem both teaches the art of war to new guard recruits and defends his liege lord with his life.

 Yrrik is a Bowman of unsurpassed skill in the barony, owing to his peace-time job as a huntsmaster. Leading the barons hunting parties in times of peace and woodland scouts in times of war, falls to him.

That was all for now, but keep an eye out for orcs, the greenskins have been seen raiding on the borders of the barony and they might show up here in due time..
My laserburn Imperials should hopefully have it's first two squads painted up before long, and their battle-taxis and tanks are on the way from across the pond as we speak.

More on both these events as they unfold...

Monday 8 September 2014

The Quest begins; FPFH Campaign turn 3

Yet another adventure awaits!

For first-time readers;
The adventurers can be found here: Link

The first Campaign round summary: To the beginning!
The second Campaign round summary: The adventures continues!

With their captain still recuperating, the group sets out to find themselves a job. Mr Hammer stays behind, in equal parts guard and nurse to the ailing captain.
Chiyo goes to the markets, in search of a good find, she manages to find an old instruction manual! Sadly it's written by an utter lunatic, and no-one could get an use out of it..
Mr Smith, with Duke in tow, sets out to visit a pair of patrons, looking to see if there are any jobs up for grabs. Luckily, the Calami diplomat that gave them their initial mission has another one for them, but this one is a bit different!

 The adventurers managed to resolve a rumour, and therefore get to start a quest! A quest is a series of linked adventures where you look for leads, and these will eventually lead you to a final mission, and your prize!

Their benefactor asks them to escort a important alien vip, who is to help with locating the artefact they are after. He is stuck in the badlands after a mechanical breakdown, and he needs to reach the local Unity base. From there they should be able to grab a shuttle back to the city.

The reason he needs the escort is of course the roving bands of renegades, mutants and other scum and villiany that usually hide out in the badlands.

Finding the Vip goes without incident, but now they need to get him to safety..

Mr Hammer is wired up with a Gattling gun (counts as rattle-gun) and a brutal melee weapon.
Chiyo carries a handgun, as well as her wrench.
Mr Smith has a modified assault weapon (counts as rattle-gun with assault module)
Duke has his combat armour, a hunting rifle, handgun and a frag grenade.

Once they come closer to the Unity outpost, they realize that they are not alone!
Now that they think about it, it's strange they got so far encountering absolutely no-one.. Their would-be ambushers are a renegade Unity outfit, carrying auto rifles and a rattlegun. The leader calls out to them: "If you lay down your weapons and empty your pockets, we promise not to kill you."
While a tempting offer, our heroes graciously decline, they do have a mission to complete.

  Both sides start advancing towards each other, trying to out-manouver the other. Mr Hammer sends one of the former marines running for cover with a burst from his gattling. It doesn't take long before somebody manages to get a bead on the warbot however, he is a big target!
A burst of fire knocks him down, and the leader of the renegades manages to knock off a wound from Mr Hammer.
Unrelenting as always, he forges onward, the gate to safety so close!
Duke, for all his bravado, manages only to make an enemy flinch, but no kills!
It doen't take long before the well-trained marines are circling around to hit Mr Hammer from several directions. One of them did misscalculate his distance to the warbot, and was quickly charged by Mr Hammer. The outcome all but a foregone conclusion, a heavy fist crushed the armour, and the head of the unfortunate trooper.
This doesn't slow him down at all, but he continues towards the gate, Vip in tow.

  While Mr Hammer advances unchecked, his more fleshy (and weak) companions are sticking to cover, firing at the renegades and in turn, getting fired upon. Not one shot does any sort of damage, but Duke is forced to retreat.

Then in a terrible turn of bad luck, reinforcements turn up for the renegades!
Taken by surprise, Duke gets knocked down. Shooting resumes from the adventurers, but to little effect. Duke does manage to find his feet and get to cover, on the rocks behind Mr Smith.
At this time, the Vip and Mr Hammer moves into the safety of the Unity compound, while the rest of our heroes start to follow, feeling the pressure of their foes outnumbering them quite heavily.

Chiyo takes the lead, with Smith and Duke close behind. A trooper charges the mechanic, thinking her an easy target, but he is soon proved wrong. In the toolbox she carries a wrench is kept handy, and swung in a painful arc, the helmet of her attacker is seriously dented and he goes down.

When things are looking dark, suddenly another force appears on the flank!

The Andromeda cultists seems to have taken an interest in whatever the Vip knew, even if they are late to the party.

Caring fairly little for the Unity, as well as our heroes, their lightning guns and energy-staffs fire, killing and driving the renegades before them.
Things aren't all bad for the renegades however, their leader manages to slay a cultist in close combat.
 At this point Duke and Chiyo are almost all the way to the gate, but Mr Smith is pinned by enemy fire. He tries his best to take out his enemies, but is eventually overwhelmed, and a out of action result is rolled.

The cultists continue to reap a grim harvet from the Unity renegades. if they can't have their prize now, they will settle for taking out their frustration on the closest creature.

All but Mr Smith makes it into the Unity base unscathed, he did finally make it back, but it took him some time, crawling slowly and dodging the cultists.

The first part of their quest finished, the adventurers find out that the Vip is a fairly renowned scientist, recruited to unearth a ancient alien artefact. While not a shattering revelation, it's enough to gain them a lead, with his help they'll have a chance at least!

For their trouble the adventurers receive 4 doses of Booster drugs and a Repair Kit.

Mr Smith was taken to a auto-surgeon while in the compound, and his resting time was shortened to a single turn. At the same time, Captain Aldous Black was feeling better, and he will be back for the next turn. Having had too much time to check out his favorite westerns, Aldous have picked up the "rapid fire" talent.
Mr Hammer and the Captain gets into an argument, but it's resolved peacefully.

Knowing that they are after the same prize, the Andromeda Cult is now an enemy of the Adventurers.

Well on their way to aquiring a new spaceship, the party has gotten into a groove! but they have also made a powerful enemy in the Cult.

The campaign system is quite exellent, I like it more the more I play it. But soon I'll have to come up with some talents and psionics of my own, to fit some other settings. It will give me an alternative to Pulp Alley for my myriad projects..

I hope you'we liked it, til next time!