Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Demolish the lab! an PMR-21 AAR

A Warg Industries laboratory conducting illicit research was discovered during a routine sweep of the a small town in the south of PMR-21.
Known as Settlers rest, the settlement has been around since the founding of the colony, and is therefore one of the oldest habitated sites on PMR-21.
This also means that it is a ramshackle of old and new, a seemingly random pattern of erected Buildings on the edge of the southern desert.

 The Union troops had assembled a mostly mechanized force, including a pair of Wolf tanks, Oxr Apcs as well as a pair of sapper squads.

Defending the lab is a force of Warg mercs, supported by a gunship and a squad of battlesuits.

The defenders had already alerted their commanders, and reinforcements was on it's way. This meant that the Union had to destroy the lab by the end of the 4th turn, or they would be out of time.

The battlefield

Both sides advances towards each other, troops disembark and dig in. 

A Wolf tank rolls up on the road and opens fire! the apc is just outside optimal range, but the shot is a lucky one, causing the vehicle to blow up, wounding one of the command team behind it.

The apc carrying the sappers move up, taking shelter behind the rock formation. 

On the north side, an Union infantry section opens fire on the enemy AT-unit and their apc. The roll to attempt to fire on the apc is botched, but massed fire takes out 4 of the 6 enemy combatants.

Confident due to the recent success, the Wolf rolls closer to the AT-unit, and open fire. In their exitement they manage to miss every shot.. The AT-unit returns fire with a plasma-gun, disabling the tank.

The second Wolf tries to take out the AT-unit as well, but their enemy is tenacious, their armour takes the hit.

Speeding around the wall, the battlesuit fired on the disabled Wolf, but fail to damage it. 

A Warg apc tries to swing around and hit the Union from behind, but union troops lie in wait. The apc is disabled in the Exchange of fire.

The sappers move towards the lab, knowing time grows short. 

Dismounting the disabled apc, the Warg mercs fire on the Union, to little effect..  

While Mjolnir is primarily anti-air, the cannon-fire disable one of the battlesuits. 

Over the horizion a shape appears.. It the Warg gunship, coming in for a strafing run. the Union AA re-align from the battlesuits and fire, but ultimately does no damage. The gunship fares better though, it destroys the sapper apc, forcing the infantry out into the open!

Knowing that they will be easy pickings in the open, the first sapper team moves and attacks the apc to the north of them, blowing it up.

The second apc swing around the building and fire on the battlesuits. The bullets bounce harmlessly of their armour. Warg rangers move up and train their heavy rifle on the Wolf, but they miss.

Being last of the unengaged infantry units, the last Warg mercs move to the side of the road. A firefight between them and the sappers break out, and a sapper is taken out of action.

Needing to keep moving towards the lab to make it in time, the sappers stop only long enough to take out all but one merc, breaking the morale of the unit, despite the commander being so close..

With their original apc taken out, the second one speeds down to pick up the other sapper unit. 

When the swooshing of rotor-blades is heard again, the AA-tank of the Union is ready. auto-cannon shells and rockets streak towards the gunship closing in on the foremost sapper. In a brilliant exlosion the helicopter is taken down!  


The functioning Wolf tries to damage the battle suits, but yet again the rounds find no weakness in the armour of the walkers.

Spurred on, the Mjolnir AA-Tank uses the auto-cannons to great effect, scraping a battle suit.

Putting the pressure on the suits, the Union infantry manages to destroy yet another battle suit, and disable the last one!  At the same time the rangers mangage to hit the Wolf tank, and while it's not damaged, the crew was shaken.

Realizing that they are too far behind the enemy lines, the last apc manages to repair itself enough to come up behind the sappers apc. In a hail of machinegun fire, the apc is disabled.

Start of the 4th turn, the first sapper unit reaches the lab, and place the explosives.

At this point the game was called, effectivly the Union had succeeded and it was time to go meet up with my fianc√©.

A fun game, but I think that the Warg lists need to be changed up a bit, they might need more heavy weapons. Their just can't hold their own too good against the armored units of the Union. More AT-units is another option.. The gunship proved really usefull though!

I hope you have liked this write-up!

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