Saturday, 14 February 2015

Decorating a dungeon pt1 and some WiPs

I promised some time ago that there would be terrain to decorate my dungeon, and now the first pieces are ready to see the light of day! This is only a small set, but there are of course more things planned!

Doors felt like the natural next step when the tile-set was complete, so they were the first I started working on. Somwhere along the way I (of course) got sidetracked and started fiddling with tables and trying out methods for building chairs as well. 

From the lack of chairs, you might have guessed that my original idea was flawed, and while the chair problem is being pondered, I finished these tables instead.

The bookshelves are inspired by a similar build from's youtube-channel, but I had to come up with some solutions of my own since mine are for 6mm rather than 25/28mm. There will be books too at some stage, but for now the shelves are empty..

The doors look resonably good, on the table it looks good, even if the seam between wall and door-post looks big in the close-ups.

Looking better than the sum of their parts, I puit together a small room to show of the pieces as a whole. I must say I'm quite pleased after all!

I promised you some WiP's in the title of this post, and I shall not go back on my word.

These are some of the potential candidates for my Dungeon-crawl party, the ones that doesn't make the team will be used for npc's, replacements and the odd villian perhaps..

I will try to finish up the painting soon, so I can get to choosing my party, who will also have the dubious honor of being some of the guinea-pigs for my FiveCore Fantasy playtests.

With the FiveCore post-apoc supplment Broken World in the works, I have started planning characters and more apocalypse-friendly terrain so that I'm good and ready when it's time to head out into the wasteland.

Til next time!

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