Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Queue the Imperial March..

No, these are not the Imperial troopers you are thinking of..

I have managed to focus on a single thing long enough to finish my first two squads of regular troopers for my Laserburn Imperials..

Beloning to a previously unknown empire, the Imperials Clash with both the Galactic Marines as well as the Legion, in their ceaseless conquest. Fanaticly loyal and well trained, the Imperial Void Marines fight any who oppose them, with a tenacity bordering on madness.

The first five-man squad is simply known as the "blue squad", with the second being designated "red squad", simply based on the markings on their armour.

 The only dicernable difference between the two squads is the markings on their armour, and they seem to carry different support weapons, a plasma cannon of some sort, and a multi-barreled kinetic penetrator.

At least one more squad, probably two, is in the works. But I haven't yet recieved the vehicles, and my fantasy projects are making big eyes at me for the moment, as is the more "hard" sci-fi. We'll just have to see what comes next, probably a little of everything!


  1. Did I mention that I am working on a hard scifi platoon game, using the system from "No End in Sight" ;)

    I have a big pile of those Laserburn space marine types. They are wonderful figure though it can be a bit hard to make out what each is carrying, as they are kind of hunched over their guns.

    Mine are bright red, which looks suitably intimidating. The ornate, elaborate look of their armour makes them look very striking. Not really anything else out there like them.

  2. Good work Alexander. Nice to see them in a colour other than red.


  3. @Ivan: I did hear that, very intrigued by that! Will it require NEiS, or will it be stand-alone so to speak?
    The Imperials are really something else, I agree with you 100%!

    @ Gavin: Thanks, but don't you worry, I have some painted in red as well ;)

  4. Not 100% certain yet. I may lean towards a stand alone game as it'll be pretty beefy and I'd feel bad about expecting people to buy two 15 dollar things or whatever just to play the game.

    On the imperials, I have this feeling, they might look wicked in some sort of "70s scifi" silver look but not sure. Might have to try that.