Monday, 1 September 2014

Five Parsecs From Home Campaign turn 2

 The Campaign continues!
For this summary I've taken a slightly different approach to the mission write-up, since I feel that my battle reports can get a bit long-winded.
So, inspired by Spacejacker's posts on his blog Tiny Solitary Soldiers(If you haven't already read them, I'd recommend checking them out: Spacejacker's blog), I've decided to try something new. Hopefully it will make the write-ups more fun to write for me, and read for you!

For first-time readers;
The adventurers can be found here: Link

The first Campaign round summary: To the beginning!

On the dustball known as Ares-2

After the initial success, Captain Black and his crew is still stuck on the planet, since no opportunity to acquire a spaceship has turned up, and no shuttles are set to leave for anywhere remotely better within 3 standard months.

 The Captain sets out to visit the calamian diplomat, hoping to get another lucrative job offer. It seems like the Alien doesn't have time for our captain however, since he is off surveying the site they cleared for him last week. oh well..  
Mr. Hammer is left on guard duty once again. Maybe it's for the best, since a warbot is somewhat intimidating and tends to scare off potential clients.
Chiyo and Mr. Smith both set out together, but while Chiyo gets stuck in a meeting, Smith takes the opportunity to take in the sights, and he actually stumbles into a patron! Chiyo doen't manage to reach an understanding with the potential benefactor, his offer was simply too low.

With a single offer, the Group listens to the request from the official of a local trade guild.
He needs them to take a nano fabricator unit that is currently in the hands of some mercenaries. His guild have tried to buy the precious device from the mercs, but negotiations have broken down

Now the fabricator is kept in their base camp, located in an alien ruin some 50 miles to the South, in the deep desert. Bringing this unit back to the guild is of outmost importance, and they would be well rewarded for their trouble.

The opposition for this mission consisted of: a boar-man carrying an auto rifle leading the small group, a heavy weapons trooper with a rattle-gun and two grunts, one with a pistol and one with a auto rifle.

The mission:

The adventurers arrive at the scene.

The Captain brings his trusted revolver.
Mr Hammer is wired up with a Gattling gun (counts as rattle-gun) and a brutal melee weapon.
Chiyo carries a handgun, as well as her wrench.
Mr Smith has a modified assault weapon (counts as rattle-gun with assault module)

Knowing that they have to be quick if they are to have a chance at grabbing the nano fabricator, the team splits up. Captain Black hugs the edge of the ruin on his right, while Mr Hammer goes far left, in some sort of pincer move.

Chiyo and Mr Smith hangs back to provide covering fire for the two others.  
There is some fire being traded between the two groups, but only a single hit is scored, sending one of the mercs running for cover!

Thinking he might spring a trap on the leader of the mercs, Aldous sneaks around and tries to shoot the boar-man in the back. He misses, and with three enemies that close, he is first knocked over by a blast of machinegun fire, then knocked out by a cloven foot to the face. Ouch!  Hopefully his genetic modifications will minimize the effect of his injuries.
Mr Hammer strides through storms of rifle-fire, taking down 2 of the mercs as he closes with the fabricator! Mr Smith was pinned down next to it, having tried in vain to lift the thing free of it's moorings.

 The leader and remaining merc pour whatever fire they have into the duo, as they against all odds manage to lift the heavy fabricator.
 A few shots gets too close and Smith takes cover, while Mr Hammer keeps on trucking, seemingly unfazed by the torrent of bullets flying off his armour plates. I did roll a lot of Scurry turns here at the end, making the escape alot easier than it could have been.
But with the Warbot unharmed, the chances of the mercs reclaiming the fabricator unit was minimal.

I think I need to consider adding more goons to the enemy, to give them more of a fighting chance..
In the last turn of the game Chiyo took a hit from the leader, the last merc standing, as it were.
Her "lucky" special saved her though! (the lucky special circumstance allows you to roll a D6 anytime you are subjected to a negative effect, like a kill or shock die etc. and on a roll of 6, the effects are ignored) On the beginning of the 11th turn, Mr Hammer had carried his prize to safety!

Mission success!

Post battle:

The guild official was overjoyed, and as promised they were rewarded. A set of recreational supplies (3 doses) as well as some local currency to trade with was their prize this time around.

Captain Black suffered some lumps and bruises, and he will be laid up for the next 2 rounds. An attempt was made to get a black market doc to fix him up, but they couldn't find one who would, due to recent police raids spooking the docs.

A unity admin with a need for problem-solvers like our intrepid bunch was encountered in the city, and subsequently added to their patron list.

Mr Hammer managed to reach a personal milestone, after much struggling with the existential issues that haunt any creature who have faced his creator.

A new character will also be joining the party, an associate of Mr Smiths. More to be revealed soon..

Another chapter of the campaign closes, opening a endless set of doors for our heroes, with new villains and allies to be encountered!


  1. Like the style of AAR, capturing the high lights and the narrative of what is going on.

  2. Thank you, that was what I was aiming for!