Thursday, 13 July 2017

A somewhat late introduction, a few new mechs and some terrain

One of those mixed posts today, starting with some 6mm Fantasy:

For the next part of the introduction of new party members I needed a change of scene, from the forest to the southern deserts. This ancient temple is sure to hold something of interest for an enterprising adventurer..

Having little of the standard guards and human soldiers I put together this little party of 10. Usefull both as mercenaries, town guards or regular old bandits, they diversify my 6mm fantasy options.

A trio of archers with bows and long daggers.

A pair of men-at-arms with swords and shields in metal armor..

..And a similar pair, the exeption being a mace/club having replaced the sword. 

A weapon master or sergeant, with a polearm and shield, in similar armor to the other soldiers.

The company leader/guard captain/ head brigand. Being the only one on horseback serves to set him apart from the rest. I might make a cavalry unit at some point, but it doesn't feel like a big focus for the RPG-lite sort of games I mostly play.

This guy I painted up to serve as the leader on foot, but he could easily be the second in command in case an extra body/ stiffer challenge is needed.

Somewhat late to the party, as hinted in the header, is the minis I painted up to serve as protagonists and NPC's of importance. Better late than never I suppose!

 The whole group: First row is all potential heroes, starting with Brother Nicholas and Roke on the left, with the second row being two (hopefully) important NPC's and an prospective ally of the rest of the heroes. 

Ragnar is from the frigid north, like Brother Nicholas and Roke. Unlike the two Dragon Knights he is a warrior of the hill tribes, a people known as fierce barbarians. Like many others he heard the rumors of Tanis and even though he was told not to, he went. Gold and glory is his for the taking! 

Sorcerers are often mistrusted by regular folk, often rightly so. Magic is a power that instill fear and awe in equal measure, especially when it is worldly rather than divine. 

Eutior cares little for the opinion of folk, regular or not. He knows that knowledge is power, and power is what he wishes for. This is why he seeks dusty tomes and ancient crypts and it is also why he travels to Tanis, following the threads of magic.

Roke is a junior Dragon Knight, charged by his order to protect Brother Nicholas as well as take his teachings to heart, to better understand their god. Clad in the plate of the order and carrying a great spear, Roke is ready to bring the light of the Great Dragon wherever he may go.

Both companion and mentor, Brother Nicholas travels south to the afflicted lands of Tanis at the behest of his god. To eradicate evil and spread the light of the Great Dragon is a holy mission, a quest in which the priest will not fail as long as he draws breath.

Living on the streets and in the backalleys of the great cities is no picknick, just ask Stin. He learned early to stick to the shadows and always keep your eyes and ears open. The rumors have obviously not gone past unnoticed in his circles, Tanis seems ripe. It's quite the journey, but he'd just heard of a place on the way, a small target on the way to his big payday..

The village elders had pleaded ceacelessly with the guild of hunter's officials. Their villages had pooled what little they had to send them to the guild to petition a contract for aid. The bribes and bureaucracy had almost gotten the better of them, but in the end they had done it. Now they just had to find someone willing to help them, while there still is a village to save!

Fighting and drinking is what you'd expect from a burly barbarian, and Tyggi doesn't disappoint in that regard. Having been tossed out or wrecked enough of most of the drinking holes around the guild and out of coin to boot, the warrior now faced a dilemma; Either find someone to fight with or against for money or go thirsty. Not a palatable idea, that.

Heroes must have something to fight as well, so I decided to add to my small (but growing) collection of monsters: 

The four big beasts. All of these would classify as lone monsters in dungeon scum, meaning that any one of them alone or possibly supported by a handfull of regular monsters, should be challenge enough for a party. As we saw in the first adventure, an Ogre is quite capable of taking down a character pretty quickly!

A pair of Ogres. Pretty straight-forward as monsters go, these brutes are as big and strong as they are ugly. They can toss rocks or other debris to attack adventurers from a short distance away, but prefer to use their great strength in close combat.

A river troll. These monster are often found near rivers and streams, as well as caves. Like other trolls they are strong and hardy, possessing extreme regenerative abilities but like their cousins fire is their weakness.

The last monster I added is a rock golem. Conjured up as a guardian by some magic user or even by divine will, these creatures often guard tombs or other site important to their creators. While they possess no magic of their own, the threads of magic that bind them together are strong, making the golems tough and strong opponents.

Since I can't keep to a single project at a time, I got inspired by Stroezie's mecha team "Powell's Rangers" that he showed off a short time ago. While not nearly as complete or thematic, I managed to convert up a team of my own for mecha adventures:

I present the White Shoulders. A crack team of mecha pilots with customized machines, they are the ones you want when you need to get the job done. Need a team to infiltrate and shut down a new enemy research project but can't risk the exposure? Do you have a high profile/VIP thorn in your side that you need to get rid of? Don't worry, as long as you can afford the fee, the job is as good as done!

The green unit is a customized for long-range fire support and cracking hardened targets. The heavy back-pack mounted cannon is a special select fire, multi-munitions weapon system, loading everything from conventional explosive and armor-piercing rounds to bunker-busting and seeker rounds. 

 The red unit, like the other two, is based on the Warrior-class mech chassis, but with significant modification for close combat. Reinforce armor plating, re-tuned engine and re-vamped actuators to cope with the added stress of heavier armor and harder impacts during combat is just a few of the internal adjustments. A rocket pod and an extra torso-mounted cannon have been fitted to the external armor of the unit.
 The blue unit is the last of the three, and it's modifications are similar to the red one's, with a few exeptions. Instead of the torso-mounted cannon, blue has got an additional gun fitted to his left arm. The differences doesn't stop there either, as this is an experimental DEW. This gives the blue unit the distinct advantage of never running out of ammo, so long as the power plant keeps operating with at least 50% efficiency.

Little is known of the pilots and their previous contracts, despite this they are very much in demand. Keep your eyes peeled for these guys in the future!

For my fellow mech-heads I won't stop there, as I recently got a few MWO mechs home from Warhansa! 

I only got these 4 for starters, wanting to see the quality for myself before potentially going crazy and getting a full company or so :)

The Atlas was a great success as far as the model itself, looks just as imposing as I hoped!

Another favorite, both from the game as well as battletech and robotech in general, is the Marauder (or Glaug officer pod, if you are so inclined). The arms felt a bit small, but overall another great model.

The Warhammer (or Destroid Tomahawk). One of those (IMO) rare mechs that looks just as good in the source material as it does in later re-imaginings. The model is very true to the MWO original, scale feels right all around.

 The last one I got was a King Crab. I love this mech in MWO as well as battletech, but it's the one I feel least happy with from Warhansa. The detail and look is perfect, but it is way too small! Barely reaching the "teeth" on the bottom of the Atlases head puts it ok hightwise, but it's only as wide the Atlas when it should be noticably wider. This would probably beef up the arms a bit more too, bringing it more in line with the MWO "original".

Despite this I think it's a really cool model and I'm glad I got it anyhow :)

The last things I have to share is a set of containers I got from brigade several years back, to be used with some 15mm project. I never got around to painting them then, but these containers turned out to be a great size for 6mm mechs, and I happen to have a few of those ;) 

The blue unit and the Warhammer graciously standing in for scale.

So there we have it, a quite big update, and I even left two teams of mechs out since they still don't have their decals attached yet. I should really get around to finishing that..

Anyway, next up will be the second introductory adventure of the fantasy Dungeon Scum games, I have already had time to play it, but will try to get in uploaded in the next few days.

Then we might have some more mecha action as well, my DP9 order just dropped in today.. :)

Til next time!


  1. Excellent additions for your collection.
    These mechs look way better than the original ones from Iron Wind.

    1. Thanks, That was my feeling too! As much as I love the quirky originals, I much prefer the MWO versions with few exeptions.