Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Light mechs and more buildings

I have quite a few mechs, but most of the ones I've painted up so far have been of the heavier variety. The EM-4 mechs that I recently received would make great light P1 mechs for both the USS and the NIJA.

More on that later in this post, but first I have a few new buildings big enough to hide mechs:

The new light mechs, all over the new structures.

There are of course some close-ups of the stompy robots. First we have the NIJA: 

And the USS mechs:

I have a slightly bigger battle in mind for these fresh units, but first I managed to find a perfect diversion in NWG's latest title Starport Scum. I rarely need an excuse for space adventures, so I will be testing out these new rules soon. But don't fear, the stompy robots will definitely see more action in the near future!

Til next time!


  1. Smashing new buildings, they are great as are the new Mech's, they have a more gritty look, like em :-)