Monday 14 September 2015

T77/4 local flora and fauna pt.1

Work continues on the plants and wildlife native to T77/4 and now the first few pieces are ready!

The first batch of local flora.

These spherical fungi is one of the more common plants in the region where our heroes are landing. Somewhat reminicent of various slim moulds from earth, these plants probably toxic to most non-local lifeforms.

If handled roughly the fungi can release a cloud of spores, containing not only their "young" but also various chemicals to deter further attempts to consume them.

 Filled with a sweet-smelling sap, and usually bustling with insect activity, there plants are a type of insectivore. Like the flytraps of terra, these long stalks trap insects in the sticky sap and dissolves them. The deep red spikes on the outside of the stalk is believed to be protection against some form of predator.

While there's no record of a human-sized victim being desolved and absorbed, the reports stress the importance of proper safety measures around the stalks, as several uncautious members of research staff have had unfortunate accidents coming into unprotected contact with the sap.

One of the few documented plants that is edible and nutritious to humanoid life, these large spheres are not unlike members of the beet family. They are however much bigger and more sweet than the standard beets common to human space.

Mega beets as they are known to the local research crews, keep growing throughout their life cycle, and some of the bigger specimens have reached over 10ft in diameter. Opinions are divided on what manner of creature feed of these mega beets, as they have never been observed. Only the large bite-marks they leave behind have been investigated and the only point the scientist agree on is that it's a really big creature, at least the size of a bus.

Later this week I hope to share more flora and possibly a little fauna as well, from T77/4.
I've started out on the next set of mechs and their accompanying combat engieneers, I'll have some pics up next week if all goes well!

Til next time!


  1. Look really smashing Alexander,love the mega beet :-)

    1. There are more where those came from, another few bases on my to-do list.

      Thanks Yoshimi!