Monday, 6 July 2015

Preparations for the campaign pt.2

Preparations are still underway, a few more pieces are coming together nicely.

First we have some new things for Angel Barracks:

The new bunker structure and a landing pad.

The landing pad, this time with the recently completed speeder.

Known as the Red Death, the speeder is Clarkes main mode of transportation, bought with most of his savings after he tired of the various public crawlers on Churchill 7.

I also finished up the first few test pieces of a system of pipes, courtesy of Old Crow. I have plans to make more since they came out ok, and they might even get a pumping station for a future scenario. They'll make nice detailing on larger industrial scenery items as well. 

 A close-up of the pipes, with a group of Union boys posing for scale.

I got my order from Brigade Models last week, and started to put together the first of the 2 forces I ordered, the 6mm version of my New Imperial Japanese Army. A small army by standards of the Unity, they are one of the many forces controlling the fringe of human space. Unity allows the local "Empire" of New Japan to have it's standing army, as they keep the more unsavory elements of their little corner at bay.
 The fact that the fringe empires are so far away from the core worlds ensure that they can't cause any significant trouble, and if they tried the huge military behemoth that is the Unity armed forces will quickly put out the fires of rebellion if deemed necessary.   

The Sohei heavy tank platoon, consisting of 3 squadrons of heavy tanks, with one squadron of special weapons tanks. 

The Sohei heavy tanks, armed with high velocity mass driver cannons. 

Sohei of the special squad, armed with a dual powergun.

Sohei of the special squad, with a high powered laser.

Sohei of the special squad, armed with a gattling cannon.

That is all I have to share at the moment, I'm currently finishing up some more NIJA models and modeling the last few pieces needed for the first scenario of my new campaign.

I hope to have some more things to show you in a day or two, until then!


  1. Genius use of superglue top!!!

  2. Digging those pipelines a lot. All sorts of scenarios could revolve around those.

    1. It's a nice piece of kit. As soon as I manage to decide on a look for the pumping station there will be a few more possible scenarios added to that list! :)

  3. Terrain is looking good Alexander, new that your speeder would come out well, excellent :-)

    1. Thank you Yoshimi, I'm just finishing up the paint on my spaceship and hope to run the next scenario with both in attendance soon!