Sunday, 24 August 2014

Fresh-faced adventurers and more..

I have been planning on running a Five Parsecs from Home Campaign ever since I got a hold of the rules, but last week I decided to really go for it.

This week I have mostly been trying to finish pieces relevant to the first Campaign round, which I hope to be able to play early next week.

Some other things did sneak in as well though, take a look:

 First and most importantly, my Adventurers for FPfH! I hesitate to call them free traders at the moment, since the good captain seems to be lacking a ship at the moment..

Captain Aldous "Al" Black. 
He has often run afoul of local law enforcement in several sectors, but he swears he was just delivering the cargo, had no idea it was contraband! Now he is stuck on the fringe, trying to scrounge up a new ride, and get out of here. 

His Warbot, known as Mr. Hammer. He was won in a bet against a Thillexi pirate, who didn't like loosing. A shoot-out later, Mr. Hammer was a permanent member of the crew. 

The ship mechanic Chiyo. A young woman with an uncanny ability to fix anything mechanical, and  equally skilled in pointing out the flaws in their captains "plans".

The latest addition to the crew is a man who goes by the name Mr. Smith. Al hired him after a certain deal on Praator IV Went sour, the bodyguard has proven himself more than once. All he asks is that you don't ask about his past, and you'll get on swimmingly..

Duke is a friend of Mr Smith, who through the calling in of a favor, would end up with Captain Aldous Black and his crew, we know them as the "Adventurers".
Duke is a former soldier turned bounty hunter, he spent time in the employ of a local army on Titan, and fought in the sececcion wars. When the dust died down, preciously few of his friends and brothers-in-arms were left, so he left. 
Having few skills besides what he learned on Titan, enforcement or bounty hunting seemed like natural choices for both Duke and Smith, and so they begand their current careers.
A master marksman, Duke will be a welcome addition to the small outfit, giving much needed aid in a time of need. He does, however refuse to divulge exactly what made him Owe Smith in the first place..

This group of street thugs are a possible enemy force in the upcoming missions. 
They may work for or against the heroes, all depending on who they help or inconvenience.

 While not directly a enemy they are likely to face, I decided to finish up these Legion troops anyway! Carrying the deadly Atomic De-stabilizors, they will prove a grave threat to the Galactic Marines!
And now we get to the totally off-topic models. These Spec Ops troops, known as Team Viridian.
An elite unit, capable of independant action behind enemy lines, or against rival contractors, these guys are a deadly bunch!


This was what I've been up to for the last few Days!

The AAR for the first Campaign round of FPfH will hopefully be uploaded in the middle of next week, with some models for my upcoming Dungeon Crawls.

Hope you've liked it!


  1. I love the gang types. Laserburn or where did they come from?
    I've been looking for some figures like that for a while.

    Hope the campaign goes well :)

  2. Thank you :)
    Like a lot of my recent models, they are from the Ion Age range, called the betrayers.
    A set of actual Laserburn models will be painted and uploaded soon though.

  3. These are great! Would you be interested in having these feature on Dropship Horizon (including your AAR?). Of course we'd include you as the author and links to your blog...

    1. Thank you Harold! If you are interested in posting these on Dropship Horizon you are of course welcome, I'm honored you'd consider it worthy :)