Sunday 15 June 2014

Armored Support lands at PMR-21

The reinforcements for both the Warg and the Union have landed on the colony.

In the previous dispatch, we saw the official Warg forces in route. Obviously some last minute additions were added, as we can see in these pics:

The full group of Armored reinforcements as they arrived. There are a few things added from to the original cargo manifest..

     The first addition, a squadron of Scarab apc's, to increase the mobility of the Warg ground forces.

The originaly ordered Hunter-class tanks, 
a light tank armed with a 80mm cannon and a heavy machinegun.   

                                       And last but certainly not least, the Falcon-class gunship.
                                       These were also a last-minute change to the manifest.
                                       What horrors will this bird of steel visit upon it's enemies?

                   The Union were no laggards when it came to showing off their new additions either:

Union reinforcements consisted of 2 Wolf-class light tanks, an additional Oxr apc and one Mjolnir AA-tank.

The Mjolnir is a bane to all airborne, sporting 2 turret-mounted auto-flak, which can also be used to launch cannon-fired guided munitions to take on tougher targets. The additional Oxr will move the Union one step closer to fully mechanizing their infantry.

Two of the Wolf tanks were brought in to bring the current under-strenght armored forces up to another full squadron. With their 75mm hyper-velocity cannons, they can make short work of anything that's been thrown at them on PMR-21 so far. But who knows what the future hold?

Is this the beginning of an arms race? Will the clashes between these corporate gigants get even more violent?

Only time will tell..

Hope you have enjoyed it, till next time!

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