Tuesday 17 June 2014

SoBH Warbands painted up

I actually finished these guys about a week ago, but I wanted to hold off until I finished making some stat cards as well.

                                                 The Barbarians, whole group assembled.

First we have Ymar Bearkiller, son to the chieftain. He brings his band of warriors, along with the tribes shaman Assur, to undertake a quest given to his people by their gods.

Then there is Assur, speaker for the gods. He acts as both advisor and shaman to Ymar's father, and he accompanies the band of warriors to decree the will of the gods.

Egil is a bit of a loose cannon, but he was included in the band for his combat prowess. Ymar is hoping that his bloodthirst will be enough to cut their way through the challanges that will no doubt stand in their path!

                                          Rorik is a dependable warrior, a veteran of many a battle.
                                     More than that, he is fiercely loyal to the tribe, and his friend Ymar.

The last member, Wulfgar, is one of the huntsmasters of the tribe. His expertise will be sorely needed, and the tribes willingness to send him with the warriors underscores the importance of the task at hand.

During the week I was figuring out the stats for Barbarians, I also managed to finish up the Undead warband:

                                              The Undead group in their death-defying glory

                                            Leading the band is the Wight, an champion of old.
                                 His master granted him a new life of sorts, in exchange for his service.

                   Cloven is acting as the Wights second in command, he is a "fresher" recruit if you will.
                          His name was given as a joke because of his deadly wound, but it stuck.

          He is called Crowkiller partly because of his preference in using their feathers for his arrows,
                                       and partly as a jab at his at times poor marksmanship.

                                     Brought back simply for his reputation as an master of cruelty,
                          the mysterious master put Gutslasher back to work, doing what he does best.

   A poor peasant levy in life, Piercer is used to following, so when the master commanded, he obeys.

By this point I realized that I was a couple of points short of the recommended 300 points, so I decided to add a model I was planning on including in another warband:

The final member given to the Undead warband, a death cultist. Remarkably the only living member, he is the masters eyes and ear, reporting on their progress through arcane rituals.

With that, the two first Warbands are ready for action! an AAR will hopefully follow in the coming weeks, and some more characters might be painted up as well!

Hope you liked it!


  1. Great stuff. I'm impressed.

    Question for you...How did you make the cards?

    1. Thanks Sean! More is on the way soon-ish..

      I made the card with an online MTG cardmaker; http://www.mtgcardmaker.com/
      I just filled in the stats and uploaded an image, and presto, statcards.
      I hope that helps :)