Sunday, 8 April 2018

More Battlemechs finished!

Working towards getting a full company of mechs for both my mercs and Lyran Guard, I recently finished a few more mechs for both sides:

First we have a few mechs belonging to the Lyran Guard of House Steiner:

A Zeus assault mech. Amongst the heaviest of mechs, the Zeus is a 80 ton beast common in the Lyran mech units.

The Hatchetman. A medium mech weighing in at 45 tonnes, it's the first mech with a full head ejection system and one of the few with a melee weapon as a standard loadout.

Last of the trio is a Wolfhound light mech. At 35 tonnes it's lighter than all the other Guard mechs I've painted up so far, but it's heavily armed for it's size with 1 large laser and 4 medium ones.

 The remaining mech belong to my yet unnamed mercenaries, bulking them up to 6 mechs, putting them half-way to a full company

The first mech is a Centurion. This 50 tonne medium mech is a capable fighter with a varied arsenal, most feared of which is the Luxor D-Series Autocannon/10.

The Banshee is a 95 tonne assault mech. Armed with a PPC, an Autocannon/5 and a small laser, its somewhat underarmed for it's size but carries a whopping 15 tonnes of armor.

A 75 tonnes Battlemech, the Orion is a well-rounded heavy mech with weapons to engage at most ranges.

The lightest of the Mercenary mechs, a 35 tonne Jenner. Very fast and with a respectable amount of firepower as well as jumpjets, the Jenner is a exellent scout and raider. 

 Finally we have another medium mech, the Clint. Weighing 40 tonnes and armed with both lasers and an autocannon/5, the Clint is however a bit of a technicans nightmare due to the use of lots of non-standard parts.

I did manage to take a few bonus pics of the Bullsharks after I gave them a wash I had evidently forgotten about. I owe thanks to the nice people over at the Battletech painting and customs group in FB for spotting that miss.

Anywhere, here is a few more pictures:

That's all that I have to share for the moment. In a few days I'll be going off to the UK for holliday and will be visiting Salute 2018 while there. Hopefully I'll be able to show off some new stuff when I get back.

Til next time!


  1. They look smashing Alexander, have a good time at Salute, enjoy your hols :-)