Thursday, 2 February 2017

Another set of Giant Stompy Robots, and the beginnings of the 5th terrain tile

As I finished up the last pieces for another set of smaller mechs, I decided to finish up the paint on two more of the giant stompy robots I've been working on:

The two mechs, with a Zephyr infantry unit for scale.

My interpretation of the MORAV robot that I was recently tipped off to by Stroezie on the TWW forums. I decided to keep some of the design elements, but I changed up some things, including but not limited to the shape and size of various elements and made a bigger shoulder cannon. Unnamed as of yet, he wears the colors of Zephyr, just in case he is needed in Horizon wars at some point.

Inspired by some mechs I saw on various art sites and one of my favorite battletech mechs, the Marauder, this robot came out quite good. It's was also dubbed the best of the 5 I've put together so far by my lovely wife, so it has that going for it as well!

When putting the mechs away I managed to drop the red one, and it came apart in a few places. Thankfully my wife was kind enough to pick up some more glue for me on her way home. Thanks to her, I managed to put humpty dumpty back together again and with some touch-ups he is good as new!

I haven't managed to finish up a terrain tile this week, but I've laid the groundwork for one:

As usual I've laid out the roads and ground texture. The central platform will hold an admin building of some sort, a combination of city hall, judiciary and the like.

Over the next few days I intend to finish up this tile and make the building that will sit on it as well. I might even manage to paint up the first few of the new mechs too..

Til next time! 


  1. Those are some pretty big Mechs you've built there, they dwarf the Zephyr unit don't they, impressive stuff Alexander, nicely modelled :-)

    1. Thank you, they really tower over most of my other models!