Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Heroes from lands far and wide

There has been a lot of fantasy models being finished lately, so the dungeoncrawling should soon be able to commence.

Today we have the first adventurers, ready to brave dark dungeons and crypts for glory and fame. And treasure of course, lets not forget the treasure!

Our brave heroes gathered at last. 

Elsa, a female warrior of fierce skill and temper.  

Aldebaran, from the order of the Magi.   

Ric, a former soldier turned adventurer. 

Zed "Quick-fingers", a man with an exeptional talent for getting into (and out of) trouble. 

Last of the band we have Winston, a warrior and priest of the god Vanar, lord of righteousness.

A few more heroes and villians are currently on the paining table, they will soon join the rest.

A small update today, hope you've liked it!


  1. Very nice Alexander! what scale and manufacturer are they?

  2. Super nice! What rules do you use them for or is this for RPG'ing?

  3. Great work! I'd also be interested in the manufacturer...

  4. Thanks for all the nice comments!

    The models are all from Splintered Light Miniatures, from various hero packs (I have about another 20 that might see a paintbrush some day). Really nice, clean sculpts too! :)

    @Ivan: I will probably use either Song of Blades and Heroes with some mods, 2 hour Dungeoncrawl or straight up D&D 5e, haven't really been able to make up my mind yet..

  5. This would seem to be a good time to shill the fact that I am working on a fantasy RPG though it won't be very mini's friendly unfortunately :/

    I keep kicking around the thought of a fivecore based fantasy game, built around the Five Parsecs campaign style. Only concern is I don't know if the melee combat would be enough or if it'd have to get it's own "1's and 6's" mechanic.


    1. I have seen the posts for your RPG, but I haven't had a look yet, maybe it's time I did! :)

      On the topic for Fivecore Fantasy, I'm intrigued.. I Think that a fantasy game usually contains so much more melee combat than sci-fi fivecore (where it rarely happen, for me anyway), it would really benefit from a 1s and 6s, as well as some special moves in the form of skills.

      I'll try and think of some things that might work for fantasy, if I come up with anything I'll try it and give you a report on my findings :)

      Have you given any thought to how to work magic into the system?

  6. I'd be inclined to treat spells as special abilities, probably with some big-*** table to determine them on.

    Maybe I just like writing random tables a bit too much :-)

    I had a thought about rolling an Attack and a Parry die in close combat, with 1's and 6's triggering results but I never quite got it to match up right.
    Another option is to just mimic how shooting works now, with one die causing push backs and retreats and the other inflicting injuries.

    Would have to figure out armour too though.