Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Go small or go home?

Having been inspired to do more "big battle"-gaming lately, I realize that 15mm is simply too big with the limited gaming space I have available.
So 6mm seems like an obvious choice, smaller, so it allows for more units on the board, good amount of different sculpts, I have already got a small collection etc.  Lots of good stuff basicly.

But, having stumbled onto the Lead Doesn't Bleed  blog, as well as Mr. Average's posts on both the commander-series and Angel Barrack's forum, my eyes have been opened to the possibilities of 3mm gaming.

So now I'm faced with the dilemma of deciding, is 6mm small enough, or should I go for something even smaller? I did place a small order with O8 to check out the 3mm models in "the flesh" so to speak, and I have a few (poor) comparison shots:

 Left to right: DRM 6mm Industrial infantry,O8 3mm Heavy sci-fi infantry, O8 3mm Caesarion MBT
  In the center: DRM 6mm Tiger light tank. To the right and bottom of the shot: O8 3mm Caesarion MBT

While I try to decide, I will paint some more Space Opera minis, I need to clear space for my Mullo tanks that are coming in from The Ion Age!

If you have any ideas or suggestions to help me decide, feel free to comment!


  1. I don't know if this will help you ... I have a whole bunch of Baccus 6mm ACW miniatures, and seeing them on the table en mass is light years ahead of 28s or even 15s in achieving a 'big battle feel' IMO. That said, I did the same as you and got some O8 ACW to see what they were like. I so wish I hadn't as they are such things of beauty that all I want to do is replace my Baccus with O8 now!

    1. It's Always good to know, I'll have a look at the acw stuff, maybe something passes for colonists :)

      I feel your pain! It's good fortune that 6 and 3mm models are so cheap though, isn't it ;)

  2. I'd lean towards 6mm mostly because of selection. It's been around for a very long time so selections are much bigger and there's far more manufacturers involved.

    1. That does weigh quite heavily, as options for future armies is always good to have.. Sadly the shiney-ness of the O8 sculpts have their allure as well!

      The good thing is, if I can't decide, it's not too expensive to have both!