Friday, 24 October 2014

Cleanin' up the streets

Terrain is one of those things that can really make a good table great, and it's also one of those things I usually over-look in favour of painting even more grunts..

Some time ago I received some items from Khurasan minis, and now, with the exeption of the big pieces, they're done!

The street-sweepers, a nice little cleaning bot.  

Some containers and boxes, but not like the ones you know, because these are in spaaace...
The top four were painted in red and green to represent unlocked (green) and locked (red) storage/Equipment containers.

Oil drums, for some of the skinny fighters to hide behind. And for bums to light fires in.

Vending Machines: because even even mass-murdering aliens might get the munchies..
(I know I missed the top of the right one, I only realized that it upside down on my painting stick after I took the photos..)
Once again expanding my already needlessly large pool of mid-tech human grunts, I painted up some Rebel Earthforce Marines this week as well..
To be honest I really just wanted to paint the HAMR suits, but I figured they might as well get some ground-pounders as well :)

I have some more 15mm sci-fi in my queue, some terrain and 15mm fantasy adventurers.
Til next time! 


  1. Very nice! I'm planning to get some of that street furniture myself - I like especially the cleaning robot… good to see it painted.

    1. Thank you! These kits do make the urban boards look more complete.