Tuesday, 25 April 2017

The last set of structures for tile 6

Today's title is pretty self-explanatory I should think.
While I was working through how to best construct pieces of Tile no 8, I finished up the last set of small buildings I got from Sayiner Micro Toys a while back.

 The whole lot.

 These pieces are technically not part of tile 6, as they are more military/governmental in nature. But since I managed to complete them around the same time, they were included in todays update anwhow.

 A missile silo or launch platform. Is it the entire thing, or is this just the part visible above ground? Who knows..

 This crane can be part of any sort of operation requiring heavy loads, but combined with the big building underneath it can become part of a maintenance/repair depot.

 While it can certainly be a stand-alone structure, I will most likely be using this as a repair shop together with the crane above. Even in the future things break down, so this is were people of the city can come to get big pieces of malfunctioning machinery some needed maintenace.

 These small modular houses are a slight step away from the brigade buildings I usually use, helping to give the slums a more jumbled look. The domes on some of them help tie the stuctures together somewhat, and the different color facade also make these structures into a mini-block of their own if needed.

I set up a quick game using the Mekton Z RPG rules for mecha combat, and I have a few photos and thoughts on this in my next post. And of course more stompy robots :)

Til next time!


  1. They all look really great, came out nicely :-)

    1. Cheers, I hope the full set will be as impressive!