Wednesday, 11 January 2017

New terrain boards project; no2 finished!

The inspiration continues, spurring me ever onwards.

Thanks to that, I've now managed to finish up the second piece of my new terrain boards:

One of two or possibly three residential tiles, this one is a bit less focused than the others I have rattling around inside my head at the moment.

These structures on the left is a mix of traders and workshops, a place for the locals to get the basic necessities in both goods and services. A bigger down-town area with most of the higher-end stores as well as the local hospital is an idea that might very well be completed at a later date.

The slums. Where these is riches, there is also often rags. This jumble of worn-down structures represent one of the smaller areas occupied by the less fortunate. There is a bigger district ajoining this one, that I might very well make if I can't come up with anything more interesting for the ajacent tile..

 Finally we have the walled compound. Part armored residence, part base of operations for a local garrison or person of importance.

This setup is just the one I initially thought of and had structures painted for. None of the buildings or the set of walls are glued down, so the piece can be remodelled to fit whatever type of residential neighborhood is preferred for that particular game. I have been thinking about painting up a bunch more of my small recidences from Brigade, to be able to turn this entire tile into either a disorganized shanty-town type situation as well as a upscale location, with only a few bigger buildings replacing the south slums.

The third tile is still being planned out, but I know the basics:

Another residential tile, 3 big circular high-rises with apartments for the citizens rich enough to afford a place of their own outside the shanties and broken down buildings of the less reputable areas.
Featuring some small green areas around the buildings when finished, this area will be one of the few places in the badlands city with some actual vegetation, showing off the relative wealth of it's inhabitants.

That's all I have to share today, by my next post I hope to have a side-project to show off some progress on as well..

Til next time!


  1. Coming along really nicely Alexander, like the idea that all the pieces are inter changeable, very interesting :-)

    1. Thanks Yoshimi, interchangable pieces just make sense to me. If possible, I try to make each one as diverse as I can to cut down the number of pieces I need to make :)

    2. Very sensible idea, I tend to do the opposite, hide scenery away in boxes and 5 months later find I've made the same piece yet again!