Wednesday, 28 May 2014

New terrain, and some WIP shots

When I came home from work yesterday I found that I've been waiting for the last week or so, my order from Timecast Models!

So I snapped a few photos of it;


You can't just get one, you might realize you need more sometime in the distant future, so I covered my bases...
 Í unpacked one set to have a look at all the different bits, the kit actually contains 6 and 10mm pieces, but I think I'll be able to find a use for most of them anyway. Quality-wise it was about what I expected, clean and crips for the most part and only a few air-bubbles on one or two pieces.

I'm very pleased with the purchase, now I just need to get them painted as well..

On the topic of things that needs paint, I have a few WIP pictures to share today as well:

 Brigade models exellent not"Ma.K" Power Armor, I love these guys! I haven't yet figured out how to fit them in my setting, but I have a few Ideas..
 A GZG shuttle bus, I thought that my Colonial miners needed some way of getting about, can't have them walking to the mineral fields and the mines, now can we?  The PA kindly stood in for scale.

That's all the new things for today, I hope to have an update with the finished Brigade Buildings in a few days, then I can start on the terrain for the next battle between the Union and the Warg mercs..

Hope you've enjoyed it!

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