Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Some new real estate

Having been kept away from the blog due to a mix of work and a great video game fall line-up, I have now finally returned. When I left things a few months back I had started painting up some of Sayiner Micro Toys lovely pieces, so I felt it only proper to finish them before anything else was started:

The complete haul. A NTC Warrior mech stand in for size reference.

A group of warehouses. What does these steel boxes hide?

Another military compound, because I like the look of this structure. This particular one comes with a long tower topped with a multi-barreled cannon.

 A administrative building. It could be the seat of local government or maybe an office-block for civilian or military use.

These hab-modules are commonplace, used to house both supplies and men, civilian and military. 

For the less fortunate as well as a myriad of officeworkers, these highrise complexes is where they spend their days. 

A Sat-com facility, allowing a colony or outpost to communicate with the rest of the planet as well as far-away worlds through ships and relays in orbit. This also makes them a priority target during conflicts.

Last but not least we have some emplaced guns. Little more than a ferrocrete bunker with a double-barreled gun on top, these static defences are usually reserved for spaceports and other important installations.

I have a few ideas for some games that I hope to get into, and I hope to share these with you soon!

Til next time!