Wednesday, 4 March 2015

More dungeon furnishings

I barely had time to get started on my sci-fi and post-apoc terrain before I got sucked right into fantasy-land again.. Since I had planned to test out some ideas for a FiveCore fantasy mod, I decided to make a few more pieces of dungeon furnishings.

A thanks to Stroezie for the treasure-chest idea, and general inspiration!

The set. 

Piles of stones, from collapsed walls, used as barriers or when sombody manages to smash a wall really hard.. 

Pillars, great as cover, or just to fill out a big open room. I originally designed these so they would go in a great hall or boss room. 

A couple of treasure chests. I'm currently working on piles of treasure as well.  

Even monsters need to eat, and these fireplaces works well for both denizen and delver. They might even be used in the camps of some wastelanders.

Sleeping rolls. Again, something that won't look out of place in several different settings. 

For those scenarios containing undead, mummies and the like, these tombs with powerful runes on them might contain treasure and magic items.. Or it might contain your doom..

I had planned on showing off the Goblin warband as well, but realized I had run out of bases! As soon as new ones arrive there will be another update, hopefully with some post-apoc and sci-fi scenery as well!

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