Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Ill-mannered denizens and more furnishings

Terrain building and monster-painting continues as another week of the hardy fantasy bug still has it's talons in me.

In addition to my newly painted Goblin warband, I also did something this week that I previously though impossible with my lack of skill: I did a headswap conversion on a 6mm mini! It looked so-so in the metal, but with a dash of paint it improved quite a bit:

I call him the Albino Knight, modelled somewhat after Elric. I couldn't paint runes small enough to make his sword look like stormbringer though.. He is built from a Dark Alliance Destroyer, with the head donated from a Dark Elf Sorceress.

Enough of patting myself on the back, I have some more things to show you today:

The next set of dunegon furnishings. I have kind of gotten an idea-drought at the moment, so I might end up making some terrain for outdoor locations while I figure out what else to do.

A fountain. Could be magical, could also be poisonous. Helpful or harmful, you won't know until you drink from it..

Seing the exellent pieces put together by Stroezie, I just had to do something similar. A bit crude, but my putty-skills are still firmly in the beginners section :)

A few gates, colored for convenience. I intend to make matching keys for them as well, to keep the heroes busy.

A few more tables, with bits! A wizards table, an few potions and candles on the next and one with a helmet and a dagger on, to go with the armor and weapon-racks to make a armoury. 

Stacks of books. Not all wizards are orderly and neat, these piles can work both as cover and searchable points of interest.

A few stone tables, with a set of benches as well. Even monsters and heroes need to sit down from time to time..

As I mentioned earlier, I also have the latest warband all painted up:

The whole band. Turned out to be a few more than I had planned, but thats just what happens sometimes.

The 3 potential leaders of the warband.  

The Boss, carrying a skull-smashing morningstar. 

The Champion, Wielding a great-axe. 

The Witchdoctor. Rarely the leader of a band of their own, these scheming magicans often rule a band as a puppetmaster, controlling a stronger, but dumber goblin.



The warriors, these fellows got some different shield designs, some their own, and some others stolen from unfortunate victims.

Thats the lot for today, but I did just finish a Dark Elf warband yesterday. They will be uploaded as soon as I sort through the photos. Work on the fantasy-fan rules are coming along, they will be more aimed at warband skirmishing action than dungeon-crawling. But don't worry, as I believe I mentioned, I have something in the works for crawling as well!
There may be a little more sci-fi on the horizon as well,as I just looked through a set of rules out for playtest by Ivan of NWG.

Til next time!

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