Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Another Warband appear

The latest warband I have finished is a Dark Elf one, bringing the total up to 5. I feel that I have to back over the old ones to flesh them out a bit, since both the last ones (Goblins and now Dark elves) have quite a few more members than the earlier warbands.

The full warband. 

Lineup of the possible leaders and champions. 
The Sorceress. A powerful magic-user that often leads the raiding parties of the dark elves, especially if they are on a quest from one of their gods.

The Champion. While less skilled in the magical arts than the sorceress, the champion has unrivaled martial prowess among his warriors.

The Bloodstar banner is an potent magical artifact given to the warriors of certain important quests, said to bring the favour of their gods with them. The ones chosen to bear it are the most devout warrior-priests of the temples in their homeland.
Young dark elf males who show promise in the magical arts are sometimes chosen to be trained as Shadowwytches. These warriors blend magic,martial skill and other secret dark arts to turn themselves into living weapons of the gods and their preisthood.

Most female dark elves have some affinity for magic, but to separate those worthy of further training from the rest, they must all serve as witchlings first. Trained to use some basic magic to enhance their blades, the best among them will be selected for further education to turn them into proper sorceresses.

The Reavers are somewhat like knights amongst humans, but their long lifespan makes them even deadlier, as they have more time to perfect the art of killing with the Reavers weapon of choice.
Many foreign slaves are taken by the raiding parties, and no small amount of them end up as slave gladiators. Ones that rise to prominence might be bought by a sorceress or even the priesthood. These slave warriors are magically bound to obey their masters, and prized as bodyguards, or in times of great conflict as the vanguard of the Dark Elven armies.

 The Crossbowmen of the dark elves is their one non-magical means of ranged assault, and as such they feature more heavily in the armies than the raiding parties, even if most are wise enough to bring a few along.

Since I started playtesting Starstrike (see my last post) I have a few units for sci-fi in the works, some cultists and a few non-zombie space-undeads.. I also have a few pieces of terrain for both sci-fi and fantasy that are almost done, hopefully most of this will be in my next post!

Til then!


  1. Very nice little evil elfies. I've been thinking of ways to paint bases easy that would look like a dungeon floor, without being too grey and drab.

    1. Thanks!
      If you want to make dungeon floor bases, you could try sponge-painting with a mix of grey black and white, that's what I did for my tiles. Then you draw some thin black lines where you see fit, and presto, tiles with variation and color :)