Sunday, 29 March 2015

Cults, the undead and something to fight over

Last week was fairly productive, both minis and terrain were painted up along with a few games during the weekend.

I'll start off with some minis:

Their real name and patron unknown, the group is simply referred to as "The Blood Cult", due to their many and gruesome sacrifices. 

 The leaders are known as the touched, having been bestowed with physical and psionic "gifts" from their sinister patron.

The Blood Maidens are murderous fanatics, often the first to tear into the sacrifices. Along with the cult brothers, they make up the majority of the cults fighters.

The Brothers are the most numerous of the fighters of the blood cult, armed with a assorted array of firearms in various states of disrepair and a zealots conviction. On rare occations they have been seen with heavy military hardware like flamethrowers and machineguns.

The second set is just a small squad I named the Undying Commandos. They are my first attempt at sculpting 6mm heads from scratch, and some ended up better than others. Comicly oversized head aside, these undead mercs are a force to be reckoned with..

I also finished a few pieces of terrain that has been languishing in my to do pile for a while:

The sulphur pits are a piece made for post-apoc, but it will probably find it's way into a few fantasy games as well. In fact, it has already been in one of the playtest from this weekend, so you will see it again soon. The standing stones are of a more distinct fantasy feel, complete with magic runes and an stone altar in the middle (that you unfortunatly can't see from this angle). 

I started building these pieces when Ivan announced that there would be a post-apoc fivecore released later this year. Most of them would work fine as homes to the poor and downtrodden on a colony world as well.

Some shacks or various sizes, the one with a sign over the door will be the bar, since I've heard every town needs one.

Some tents to form the camp of the poor sod caught in the wasteland. I realized this could possibly be used for fantasy as well, since they are un-techy enough.

A bunch of more crates. 

Stacks of pipes, or possible metal poles. More useful in sci-fi colonies than post-apoc villages I gather, but useful none the less.
That's all I thought I'd share for now, I have a few hundred photos to go through before I can post more AAR's from the weekends playtest.


  1. Loving the little stone henge!

    Now for someone to make a tiny 6mm Black Sabbath band to play there, in the midst of a raging gun battle :)

    1. now if we can only get Michael to make us some.. ;)

  2. These are pretty sweet. What minis are they? Onslaught? Now I'm thinking I need to do 6mm skirmish, too...

    1. Thanks, they are indeed Onslaught Hellborn.
      Give in, 6mm skirmish is the way :)

    2. Well, look at it this way: A bag of infantry will give you more figures than you ever know what to do with (and for moderns or scifi, you can use the same guys for both sides). Buy 10 vehicles or so (10-20 dollars) and you got more tanks than you'll ever need.