Saturday, 30 May 2015

Something to fight over pt.1

I have made some more progress in my quest for a more interesting battlefield, and I thought I'd share with you here today:

First off there's some 6mm pieces:

Groupshot of the 6mm buildings completed during the last week. 

This first one is a Stonehaven Compound set from Michael over at Angel Barracks. I've had this piece for a long time, so I've felt guilty for not completing it sooner, especially since I just received another set of buildings from the very same man! 

A good sized secure compound, might be home to some local warlord or a hiding gang of outlaws, laying low until the lawmen's sweep of the sector is finished.

I also got these drill-worm nests from AB, but I painted them up as alien flora or somesuch, using the same base color as my space-bugs. So there's a reason for the color choice..

I recently decided to re-paint all my 6mm buildings from brigade, no small endeavour since I have amassed a few packs. At the same time I realized that they look much better (and somewhat more useful) in small scenes, so I started to arrange bases of 2 or 3 buildings on some 80x80 mm plasticard pieces.
 These are the ones I've mounted with additional bits and re-painted so far:

A shop of some sort, with a external fuel tank to power the generator if the grid goes down. A small dwelling sits across from it.

A bigger stucture for gatherings and announcements, kind of like a community center, with a small dwelling/storage building next to it. Some supplies stand in the yard.

 A set of dwellings.

I haven't abandoned my pico scale battlefield either, with my order from Pico Armor shipped, I will soon have more troops and vehicles, along with more material for building as well! This is a few things I cobbled together while I'm waiting:

Groupshot. The last piece was photographed this morning, so it's not in this one.

A landing pad, with service and re-fueling capabilities.  

A few grow-domes, agricultural operations shielded from the less hospitable climates on whatever colony they end up on.

A multi-purpose area defence installation. These networked guns are all controlled from the tower that sits in the middle, ready to take on both atmospheric and orbiting targets.

That's the small update for today. I am working on more of the brigade re-paints, I have a few ideas for some 6 and 3mm terrain that's probably getting cast today and also a few 6mm sci-fi troopers that needs a test painting. I'll share more as soon as it's ready!

Til next time!


  1. You know, this is pushing me more and more in the direction of just bunkering down on 6mm and 3mm gaming :-)

    1. Yees, come to the dark side, we have tiny and shiny things ^^

    2. Well, they gotta be shiny since they're so small :-)

  2. Nice works , 3mm is tempting :-)