Sunday, 10 May 2015

A fight over a Henge

Lots going on right now, and so I almost forgot to post my pics from the latest playtest of my homebrew fantasy rules. Today that will be amended however!

Aiming to try out a few tweaks to the armor and magic system as well as testing out rules for blackpowder weapons, we set our warbands to task. 

The battlefield, with the henge most of the battle will revolve around.

 Men of the Ashen wastes, complete with summoned demons.
 My opponent's Dwarf warband with the stand-in chief as we are waiting for the real one to arrive from across the pond.

 The initial surge forward.

First combat is fought.

The larger of the two demons sneaking around the fight, no doubt up to something..

The Warlord, along with a lesser demon and a warrior fights against 2 dwarf veterans and a musketeer.

The demon charges.

Heavy fighting on the left side, the warrior is vanquished, but so is a dwarven veteran!

The dwarf get's the better of the foul hell-spawn, sending it back in a cloud of smoke and flame.

A particularly well-aimed bolt of magic energy hits this musketeer, leaving him with only 1 hp!

Several more turns are fought, off camera the greater demon knocks out both warchief and runepriest, leaving the dwarves in a bit of a bind.

The dwarf warband wisely calls a retreat, vowing revenge on their enemies.

Progress with the rules is somewhat slow, mostly because I'm too scatterbrained to focus on it for long periods of time. We both agreed that defensive values were still a bit on the high side, so we'll try to amend that for next time. I'm tempted to poke around a bit in the magic system as well, but I might hold off until said defensive values have been tweaked.

In the near future there will be some more fantasy as I just finished painting a small warband of models I sculpted myself.
I have also been working on a few 3mm sci-fi items, some terrain and whatnot. The next unit for my Warg force are painted up, awaiting bases.

Til next time!


  1. Looks like everything went pretty well.

    I like the kitty lurking in the background of one of the shots :)
    Careful, our big cat likes to steal miniatures off the table.

    1. It went ok, and I got a few pointers for things needing another look.

      Our 2 cats are always lurking when wargames are being played, when they aren't on the table micro-managing our setup ;)

  2. Very interesting battle report.