Tuesday, 12 May 2015

My first few.

My first attempts at making some 6mm fantasy characters, I felt there was a couple of models I had seen and liked in 15mm or even 28mm that I couldn't find a good analogue for amongst the existing ranges.
So I tried making them myself.
While not really reaching the standard I had set for myself, I'll have to view them as a step along the way.

          The full group of five, with bases color-coded for ease of identifying allegiance.

 The biggest group is my far-eastern warband, 5 models strong with reddish brown bases. I couldn't find any good far eastern-looking minis at all, Irregulars samurai range was all there was, and a bit blobby-looking I thought. 

Ping, one of the two monks of the warband, carrying his quarterstaff. He and his brother monk comes from a martial monastery high in the eastern mountains, where they train to master their deadly art.   

Lin, the other monk. He wields a heavy polearm.

The unoffical leader, Yun-lo is a eastern sorcerer, both feared and respected in his homeland. He travels west in search of legendary artifacts, said to give their holder great power and possibly immortality..

 Toramaru, a skilled warrior hiring on as a bodyguard to Yun-lo. He has his own motives for traveling west, searching for answers to questions few dare ask.

Finally the last member of the warband, Taka. Raised in an secretive cult, the red mage knows of many mysteries in this world and the many others he's glimpsed.

Not a warband in their own right, the 2 warriors of the desert are often hiring on to help caravans navigate their deserts, or as common sellswords for those who can afford their price.

 The last three are all characters that will fill out my available choices for warbands as well as dungeoncrawls:

A paladin of dark gods, protected as much by his plate as by the favor of his gods. He is sent to do their bidding and thus far he has never failed..

While hardly original in his choice of outfit, Shadow is a assassin known to get the job done. His daggers and poisons are always available, for a price, of course.

Armed with a sabre and plenty of confidence, Jann stalks the night. The blade is mostly for show, because if he does his job right, he won't need it.

That was the lot, it was a good learing experience making them, and for a first attempt they'll have to do. I have a few more ideas of characters I'd like to make, not only fantasy, but a few space opera and regular sci-fi ones as well. If I do, I'll show you the fruits of my labors!

Til next time!

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