Sunday, 17 May 2015

An update of all the things

Almost anyway.. I've been working on lots of different things lately, so todays update has a bit of everything!

We start off at 6mm fantasy:

Full group minus the boar, but he will be along later, so no worries. 

A Owlbear, feared magical beasts that roam lush woodlands. They are sometimes tamed to fill the role of guardian because of their highly territorial nature.

A Minotaur. 

These two barbarians are the first of a group, the bulk of which I'm still painting. They will act as mercenaries in other larger forces, as well as heroes in some dungeon crawls.

The final 2 dwarves out of the original 11 for the dwarven warband. These musketeers will soon be joined by a set of heroes and other characters to act as the leadership for the band. They are currently being painted.

And the elusive boar. No ordinary beast either, but a huge Dire Boar.

Finally I have a few piles of gold for the adventurers to covet, courtesy of my lovely wife, who did most of the work on these!

Then there's been a few advances on the fringes of 6mm space:

The next unit belonging to Warg Industries, Known as the gray wolves. While they don't work exclusively for Warg, the benefits of being on their pay-roll sees this pack as an often recurring expense in the company ledgers.

Grayson leads the unit, an veteran and expert tracker.

Pope handles one of the heavy weapons, a plasma rifle.

Wild bill, with his 2 handguns, acts as XO.

Mathius wields the heaviest gun the wolfes have, a muli-purpose rocket launcher and he's a crack shot with it too.

Last of the heavy weaponry is a machinegun. Specialist Booth doesn't ever let this weapon out of his sight, on account of it saving his life more often than he can count.

The remaining members are the youngbloods, new members eager to prove themselves. This is Farley.

Youngblood Nguyen.
And youngblood Toruk.

New Warg units isn't all though, since I saw the Space-bug profiles in Clash on the Fringe, I knew I had to build a set of creepy space monsters for someone to fight.. So here they are, the Swarm.

The biggest of the swarm spotted so far, the xeno designated Alpha comes with a triple-red threat-level. In the rare footage that exists of it, Alpha have been seen to not only crush anything in it's path, but dissolve vehicles and even whole structures with it's bio-acid.

Slightly less dangerous, but more numerous is the creatures know to most who have faced them as Blades, officially designated Xeno Gladius. With their long razor-sharp blades they wade into their enemy, reaping them like wheat.

Xeno Scorpio, of just Scorpions, are infiltrators and ambush predators, often caught sneaking into targets well before the main brood arrives. This behaviour suggests greater intelligence, or some sort of guidance by creatures yet unwitnessed by their victims. Disturbing news, scientists agree.

The only Xeno-form capable of flight, however imperfect, the Xeno Gargula looks like gargoyles of old terra. Sweeping in on silent wings, they claw and bite unaware victims, or simply drop them off a ledge when possible.

So far the only known ramged attacker, the barbed crawler (Xeno Uncinus) launches barbed spikes from it's body and tail. These projectiles are covered in digestive acids that start breaking down it's victim.

Most numerous and relentless, the Xeno Legio is the most common Xeno-form of all. These shock-troopers usually appear in huge hordes, wearing an attacker down by sheer numbers. In smaller attacks, they have been observed acting as shields for the bigger or more specialized Xenos, and have earned the nickname Cannon-fodder amongst the troops sent to fight them.

There is a few pieces of terrain as well:

Some seats and tables for the indoor tiles. Even heroes and galactic super-villians have to eat!

These patches of tall vegetation was designed for post-apoc originally, hence to muted palette. This way they work even for sci-fi or fantasy.

A friend of mine has shown a little interest in big battle sci-fi and so I picked up where I left off with my pico-armor project:

One more PA unit for the CSA.

And some reinforcements for the Solar Bloc, in the shape of more armour. The tanks have been shown before, but the SPG is new.

Raining death on armored targets and unshielded infantry alike, the Solar Bloc Self-propelled Gun known as "Katya" is rightly feared by the CSA.

I also managed some terrain pieces, with a few more on the way:

A powerplant/generator of some sort, the SB tank is there to give an idea of the size.
I hade an idea to build a shield-generator with a few of these, similar to the ones on Hoth in Star Wars. Might still do that..

Finally, I whipped together a re-fueling station and depot from some capacitors, some card and a few lenghts of floral wire. I'm not sure if this building will have any in-game purpose, but it'll make a nice explodable piece of terrain I'm sure!

That was all I had to share for now, but more things are in the works! I just received my demon army and dwarf reinforcements from Microworld Games, they are being painted right now. A few more pico-armor terrain pieces are being put together and I'm contemplating ordering a couple more from Pico armor in the US.. So as always, more things going on than I care to remember! ;)

Til next time!


  1. Nice collection Alexander. I hope you decide to try out Patrol Angis now is up on the website at The Ion Age. I wonder if it works in 6mm...most likely it does.


    1. Thank you Gavin!
      I will definetly try Patrol Angis, I'll place the order as soon as the paycheck arrives! I'll let you know how patrol angis works out in 6mm, but I think it will work great :)

  2. As always, looking quite excellent. Becoming quite the miniature fantasy zoo too

    1. Thank you Ivan! Yes, the collection keeps growing. Considering what we have discussed in regards to fantasy lately I think that a few exotic animals won't hurt. Gods man, now I feel I need some dragons too ;)

    2. Llittle 6mm dragons would be adorable :-)

      I wonder if the old D&D plastic miniatures range have any dragon hatchlings. They'd right in size :)

  3. I have really enjoyed looking through all your stuff Alexander, very inspiring, love the Space Bugs and look forward to seeing them in a game of Clash on the Fringe.

    1. Thank you, I hope to bring the bugs for an outing in the near future!