Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The green tide and more undead

I have been meaning to introduce a friend to the fine past-time of wargaming for a while now, when asked what he'd prefer to play undead were quickly selected.
 I myself took this as a opportunity to paint something that wasn't dungeon-related for a short bit, and decided on painting up a whole new force, the Goblins. There will of course be goblins for the dungeon crawl as well, but those are still to come!

The full horde of cave-goblins in all their glory. 

Command Group with a warboss, champion, standard and musican. 

A troll to act as mobile sledgehammer and all-around menace. How the warboss convinced him to join them rather than eat them, nobody seems to know.. 

 Since horses and wolves both have a hard time to navigate their subterran lairs and Winding passages, the goblins employ giant spiders as cavalry mounts.

The most elite of warriors in the horde may join the Purple DeathCap Warriors. These warriors are named after the mushroom they consume before entering combat. Highly toxic and quite pungent, the mushroom that is their namesake gives them strength and endurance beyond belief.

The common warrior, together with the spearmen, makes up the bulk of the horde. Armed with their weapon of choice and a round shield, they are the green tide that tramples their enemies under foot.

Like most armies the goblins make use of archers. Prefering quantity to quality, their shortbows launch volleys of arrows at the foe.  

 When they make war amongst themselves, the goblin hordes seldom use warmachines due to their cramped cavern homes, but when they march to the surface to lay claim to new lands or establish outposts, these catapults are used. Often stolen , or at least copied designs of their human neighbors, they rain whatever scrap is on hand down onto the enemy.

To make sure my introduction of wargaming wasn't over too quick, I decided to go with more stands per side than my earlier games, 14 stands instead of 10. This meant that the Undead needed a few more stands to fill out their numbers (link to the post with the main army), so I got to work, and this is what they ended up with:

The reinforcements; A horde of zombies, a stand of skeletal warriors, and a Bone Dragon! 

The Bone Dragon is a fearsome monster, raised from an ancient dragon, it towers over the rest of the army.

More skeltal warriors, raised from the more recently defeated, still carry the rusty arms and armor they had when they fell. 

The freshest dead yet, the zombie horde shambles onward, constantly hungering for the flesh of the living.

That's all the news for today, but the promised dungeon terrain is making good time, the first few pieces should be done any day now. The potential heroes for the pary is being selected right now, painting to begin as soon as I make up my mind.

There will also be an entirely new category of wargaming starting up soon, as Ivan of NWG has alerted me there will be a Post-Apoc FiveCore supplement released this year, and in preparation I will start painting and crafting a few more terrain pieces.

Keep an eye out!


  1. Looking like quite the little horde, pun somewhat intended.
    A hordette? Hordling?

  2. Great work can you tell me the base size you're using and how did you paint your zombies. I have been putting off painting .ine but yours look very effective

    1. Thanks, I use FoW medium bases (50x32mm) for all my mass fantasy since they are easy to get a hold of, and I quite like them. As for the paintjob there really isn't a whole lot to it; Army painter uniform grey primer, clothes and pants in whatever color you fancy, weapons painted with shining silver and some of the same brown as the handles applied randomly as rust.
      Looks okay, but works good for big hordes :)