Sunday, 11 January 2015

The restless dead

Since my rekindled interest for fantasy gaming has me in a tight grip, I have some progress to share with you today.

Strangely enough I have built more and more terrain (which is actually a good thing) and not only for fantasy, but the sci-fi stuff will be revealed when I've based all the models to go with them.

From the northern reaches comes the reviled necromancers and with them, their undying servants.

The whole army, 1 Necromancer command stand, 1 stand of Wight Black Guard, 1 unit of Wraiths, and 2 stands each of spearmen, bowmen and Wight Knights.  

The Necromancer leads his horde of undead, accompanying him is a musican relaying his orders with his drum, and an vampire acting as his advisor.

The Black Guard is the Necromancers elite guard. These warriors are some the finest that ever lived, re-animated and controlled by the dark will of their master.

Wights, spirits from the realm of the dead. They take the shape most feared by the enemy they face, the most common form being that of the reaper, with the unmistacable scythe.

Wight Knights are former cavalrymen. The Necromancer will often raise the dead sons or retainers of the enemy they are facing, so as to unnerve their opponents further.  

While they are no match for their elven counterparts, the skeletal bowmen of the undead horde are both numerous and relentless. Firing unceasing volleys, they saturate their target with arrows.

Raised from the ranks of common spearmen, the Necromancer´s spearmen only retain basic skills from their past life. Their strenght lies in the massed ranks of Spears and the shieldwall.

  There are quite a few pieces I'm working on at the moment, some only waiting for me to photograph them, but for today, I have 2 sets of terrain to show you:

Inspired by numerous internet junk-builds, I finally got around to some hedges. While primarily for my fantasy games, they could be used in a fancier part of space as well. Made from pieces of scouring pads glued to craft sticks, they are easy enough (and fast enough) to make that I will probably build quite a few more. 

On the slightly more timeconsuming side, I have these barricades. They didn't take too long to make, using cut-up tooth picks, but it was fiddly work. They got a nice irregular shape to them though, so I'm quite pleased. I might make a few more if time permits.

That's it for now, but I have a few 6mm and even some 3mm treats lined up, as soon as I can get around to basing them all. And provided I don't start painting the spaceships I've been eyeing for some time now..

Til next time! 


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    1. These guys, along with my dark men and lizardmen are all from Microworld games. They have a great selection of different fantasy armies in 6mm!