Monday, 2 February 2015

The warbands gather

In my recent fantasy focused hobby pursuits, I realized I had no skirmish-based models at the current scale of focus (6mm).  So of course it needed to be rectified. Like the 6mm sci-fi models from the last post (link), these guys will be multi-purpose, both for RPG-lite dungeoncrawling and standard 5-12 man warbands.

Let's get to it, shall we?

First up is the lizardmen. Inhabitants of the marshy tropical regions, these warriors hail from tribes hidden deep within the forests and marshes. Usually serving their priest-caste, this warband is slightly different, since it's leader is a warchief rather than a priest. 

The Warchief.  By feat of arms and cunnig he leads his band. His bronzed armor and headpiece denotes his status as leader.

The bodyguard. The Ceratopcid are one of the many species among what the humans call lizardmen, strong and bigger than the common saurian. This one guards the Warchief acting as both champion and bodyguard.

The warriors of the lizardmen carry a variety of weapons, usually spears or axes. they are unarmored, since their thick scales protect them, and they carry a shield of hardened leather or wood, sheated in copper.

Last members of the warband are the Archers. Often peace-time hunters, the archers use the same bows when at war. More often than not, the arrows are poisoned with exotic venoms from creatures native to the lizardmen's domains.

The second warband are the undead. Lead my a necromancer, these restless dead march endlessly onwards.

The Necromancer. Being largely responsible for the existance of the rest of the warband, he is the leader and the only living creature in the band. His foul magics can easily snuff life out as well as restore it to undeath.

The Wight is a champion of hundreds if not thousands of battles, raised from some once legendary warriors grave. He serves as a second in command to the necromancer himself, and retains a higher degree of mental acuity than the lowly skeletal warrior. His arms and armor have been taken from the cold, dead hands of his victims.

The Wight is a creature from the spirit-realm. A soul unable to pass on due to great trauma or some vengance left incomplete, the Necromancer bound the spirit to his service, to take its revenge on the living.

The skeletal warriors of the band are the unfortunate souls that fell in some conflict or other, called back to server the Necromancers schemes. They retain nothing but the skills they had in life, to avoid them having any lingering attachments to their previous life.

The last warband for the day is the Warriors of the Old gods, from the Ashen wastes. Staying true to the gods of their ancestors, these warriors fight for the glory of their patron god, lead be both a warlord and his sorcerer.

The Warlord leads the band through the strenght of arms and favor of his god. Clad in heavy armor and carring a rune-adorned shield, he will slay any enemy of his master.

The sorcerer, while technicly subservient of the Warlord, still holds much power. He is the link to their gods, and their favor is manifested in one of the ancient magics, known as the Palefire. the sorcerer can also pull demons and other creatures from the realm of the gods.

A lesser demon of the god of war and blod.

A greater demon of the god of magic and secrets.

Most warbands contain a champion, and this one in no exeption. He fights for the glory of this masters, in this realm and all others. His greatsword glows faintly blue, a mark of favor from is gods.

The warriors of the Ashen wastes join a warband for glory, ritches and to serve the gods. Most of them will die in battle, securing their place in the afterlife. For a few, everlasting glory as the are turned into avatars of their gods, known as the exalted, serving their god for eternity and beyond. 
That was all the warbands I have for now, but I have a bunch of ideas for more ones, and reinforcements for the full armies as well!
Dungeon tiles, some playtest shots and more to follow in a few Days if all goes well!


  1. Very nice :-)
    A lot of character for the little dudes as well.

  2. Kind of you to say so :)
    That's what I like about them, so full of character.