Wednesday, 6 August 2014

More shots from the workbench

With real life intruding more than usual, and the arrival of my airbrush, I haven't managed to finish any pieces even though I started a few.

So instead I have some WIP pics to share:

The Brunt is a warlike race of anthropomorphic rhinos, valued as mercenaries for their great strenght and thoughness.

A local micro-powerplant. Built to be transportable as a finished module to fringe worlds and colonies, these small units typically supply enough power to sustain a few blocks with their energy needs. They can also be converted to act as a receiver for a space-based solar plant.  

Built on the same prefab, a local trading post. I haven't decided on the name yet, but it'll come to me.

Some low walls. I decided that I have too little in ways of scatter terrain/low cover. This is my first attempt at rectifying that.

  Finally we have a actual, finished model, a tiny one, but finished! This floating alien is from the same set as the civvies I painted up in a previous post: Link.

Hopefully I will have a few finished pieces later this week and hopefully another AAR before the end of the month at least!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Nice work Alexander and that SHM miniature is very popular and though small is really effective.


    1. Thank you, I really like all the Alien civilians that keeps appearing over at It's nice to have some unarmed non-humans for a bit of variety!