Thursday, 14 August 2014

Bordercrossing; A Gruntz Skirmish AAR

Inspired by games like Mercs, and some recent posts by Harold over at Clear Horizon ,  I decided to play a small scale gruntz game.

The characters can be found here: Link

Allie and her band of mercenaries had a job lined up, but first they needed to get into the city.
As they appoached the outskirts, Probie picked up movement on his internal radar unit.
"We might have trouble up ahead" he said.
"Lock and load boys, we might have company!" Allie said over the internal coms, slapping a fresh mag into her rifle.

"Are you sure the intel was right? It seems quiet enough to me.." Phoenix sighed.
"Would you stop whining? We have only just got here." Patch hissed back.
"We've got movement, by the outskirts." Roux's voice carried over the com from her lookout-post.
Honda, their "leader" just smiled and said "let's go."

The battlefield:

 The battlefield.

Allie and Cole goes north, seeking cover among the rocks and vegitation. at the same time Probie and Joe goes South, as does Patch  

Phoenix moves up to the north wall, firing her dual pistols at Allie. A few shots hit despite the cover, and does 3 points of damage. 

Honda and Roux slowly moves up, Roux takes up overwatch position, covering her team.   

Feeling confident, Phoenix surges forward, both guns blazing. The torrent of fire does 3 more points of damage, taking Allie out of action.  

On the south side, Patch is equally successful, downing Probie with a well-placed shot that does 6 points of damage!    

 Hearing the shots, Joe swing around to face the threat. His machinegun fires in short controlled bursts, ripping the cyborg apart. Patch goes down, having taken 5 points of damage. 

Allie's nanites engage, but fail to bring her back into fighting condition. Cole moves around the ruin to get a good shot at PhoenixHonda and Roux relocate, with both of them entering overwatch. 

Roux fires as Joe comes around the corner, but misses. His return fire fares no better. Probie has no luck getting back into the fight either.

 Cole doubles back, shooting at Phoenix, who is now in the open. The heavy caseless bullet slams into the cyborg, causing 1 point of damage.

Patch has more luck with his nanites, and he gets back up and dusts himself off. 

  Wheeling from the hit, Phoenix returns fire on Cole, causing 4 points of damage. 

Joe fires on the recently regenerated Patch, but misses. He wastes no time charging the mercenary! 

Still slightly effected by the stims and nanites, Patch is fought off. 

Phoenix fires again, to no avail. Cole returns fire, but his wounds throw his aim off. 
Deciding to gang up on the lone merc, both Roux and Honda moves up and fire. Honda manages to do 1 Point of damage knocking Cole out.  

Fairly deadly with a knife, Joe cuts the cyborg apart in a shower of sparks, dealing 5 damage to the already hurt Patch. He finally goes down, this time for good. 

Roux run up to get a shot of at Joe, while Honda moves to take down Cole before his nanites engage, but he misses in the exitement of the coup-de-gráce. 

Nanite coursing through his system, putting him back together again, Cole got up and charged Honda. Taken by surprise, Honda receives 5 Points of damage and is knocked out!

Phoenix fires on Cole, but misses yet again. 

 Joe fires on Roux, but misses. Cole however, manages to deal 2 Points of damage as he slams into her from behind.

Phoenix finally joins the fray, and Cole takes 2 damage, knocking him out for good this time.

During the last two rounds Joe is miraculously unharmed, but his expertise with the machinegun eventually takes out both Roux and Phoenix.

The opposition gone, Joe starts dragging his comrades towards the city.
"Ridiculous, we're supposed to be professionals. Oh well, let's get this lot to a Re-inc centre and find ourselves a place to stay. And a hot bath if I'm lucky" He thought while dragging the 3 uncouncious bodies towards the lights of New Rakuen.

Wow, a really bloody battle! The Cyborgs had the initiative the entire game, forcing the Mercs to fight back rather than push through. Losing Allie so early on didn't help a bit either!

All due credit goes to Mr Harold of ClearHorizon, an constant source of inspiration!

Hope you have liked this AAR, the next one will most likely be an attempt at using Pulp Alley for Space Opera, if I can get it to work the way I want..

Til next time


  1. Great game! How did you end up making your characters? Did you use Gruntz Specialists?

    1. Thanks!
      Yeah,I made them all specialists with 5 wounds and auto-heal. But considering how quickly they went down I'm tempted to try running a game with all characters based of the command template, as suggested on the gruntz forum some time ago..

  2. Strange. My post was eaten.

    Re: Pulp Alley. The blog over here seems to be doing interesting things with it in a sci fi setting.