Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Power readings in the wasteland: a Five Parsecs from Home AAR

In a bombed-out zone a couple of miles outside of the current frontline, The Legion had detected a strong energy reading in the otherwise silent zone.
A fireteam of Desteria Knights, escorting a pair of Retained Knights happens by the area in their patrol.
The two mortal enemies spot each other, and they get ready for combat. 

The set up, ruined hulks of buildings, with the power source in middle of a ruin in the middle of the table.

The first two turns saw the Knights and the Legion moving ever closer..

The Pioneer leading the Brunts manage to make it to the generator, throwing himself into cover.

When one of the Knights move up to the window, two of the brunts open fire on the lone Retained..

The weight of fire forces him to seek shelter further inside the high-rise.

Moving around a corner, The Desterian Knight fires his Hermit plasma rifle, knocking a brunt hiding in the ruins off his feet.

Having extracted the power-core, the pioneer tries to get out of the ruins, but is knocked down by a hail of fire from the Knight opposite him.

North of the ruins, another Knight charges out of a building, crashing into a unsuspecting foe. The powered fist and momentum easily takes out the brunt.

Eager to take revenge, one of the Rhino-men countercharges the recently triumphant Knight. A charging brunt crashes into the heavy armored Knight, crushing him on the spot.

The last two rounds saw the Pioneer falling back towards his table-edge, firing as he went. The Knights tried to take out the lone Legionnaire, but ultimately he got away, with one more Knight falling to return fire.

The Legion wins!

A much needed win for the Legion, who had great luck with the dice, alot of fire came their way, but not a single out of action despite a massive effort on the Knights part.
More terrain is definetly needed, and it has been moved up on the priority ladder.
Too open a setup, and there is going to be a massive amount of guard fire between every move, so I'm thinking of adopting the infinity model of terrain, that is to say lots of it and then some more.

I have another AAR to share with you, I'll try getting it written up this week!

That's it for now, hope you've liked the write-up!  


  1. The table looks nice but yeah, those open spaces mean a ton of shock dice flying everywhere :)

    More terrain also means more possible approach routes and makes life easier on the melee types, though your Brunt seems to have done well enough :)

  2. @Ivan: Yeah, lots of shock going around, working on that particular issue though!

    @Raskal: Yes, I game more solo than not due to lack of local interest.