Thursday, 9 July 2015

Last of the campaign prep and more tanks!

Preparing for campaign scenarios always takes more time than I intend, mostly since I keep coming up with stuff and saying "that would be cool, I should just add that too before I get started" and so I keep moving up the actual game in favor of more things in the scenario..

But today I finally finished up both the spaceship and the last piece of terrain with accompanying NPCs:

 Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Cormorant. 

A civilian trader, armed with some giga-watt lasers to discourage pirates. Sadly it didn't stop the nomad fleet when she got too close and ignored their command to stand by to be boarded.

You can see that she still sits a little wobbly, aften one of the warning shots clipped one of the landing gear. It's been mended since then of course, but a quick vac-weld is not a real replacement, but it adds character to this bird.

A location of importance in the upcoming scenario, the traveling bar of Redshirt Rik.

 The whole bar is build to fold together into a neat package transportable by 4 or so strong hulkers. Rik isn't always too careful with establishing a licence for his business and some of the spirits he supplies aren't strictly legal according to Unity charter D-00001/117; Drugs and alcohol containing more than the approved 10% alien flora and/or fauna.
 It's however very popular and his Deema schnaps is by far the most illegal and popular drink he sells, so it keeps him moving from place to place, always a step ahead of the law.

Here is Rik next to his bar, already planning his next move.

Rik and one of the regulars.

A close-up on Rik. He has a rather fetching red shirt.

 And the regular, a man that is known as Silvermane due to his silvery hair.

That's all the pieces needed for the 1st campaign adventure to start.
But wait, there's more things coming:

The rest of the armored contingent of the NIJA. 3 squads of Shaman tanks and 1 squad with the bigger mass driver, called Hotaru (Firefly). 4 squads of apcs known as Magnus and 2 squads of Legion MRL Artillery. 

The Shaman squad leaders along with the Firefly SL. 

A better close-up of the Firefly.

The Magnus APC.

The Legion MRL Artillery.

I also put together another quick semi-trash building:

The superstructure is a plastic box that the plants I made into jungle trees came in, doors are from GZG (the big one) and Brigade models (the small one on the back). The air-con ducts and fans on top are all from a set of Dropzone Commander building accessories.

Not ├╝ber-pretty, but it looks good enough!

So that's all I had for today, but the NIJA infantry will soon be done, and then I will start on their opposition. 
I also hope to have time for my first campaign game and also test out Ivan's latest creation.

Time will tell, so until then!


  1. Those look great. The Cormorant really turned out to be a beautiful looking ship.

    1. Thank you Chris, I'm indebted to my wife for the killer decals who really rounded everything off nicely!

  2. Some great scenery pieces, love the Cormorant, came out well and Rik's bar, look forward to seeing if he can stay ahead of the Law :-)

    1. Thank you, we'll just have to see about Rik and his bar!