Sunday, 12 July 2015

Clash of Blades? Trying Clash on the Fringe for fantasy

I've been thinking about this ever since Ivan asked if I thought it could work some time ago and so when my buddy Fredrik (big fantasy fan) came over we decided to give it a go:

The first turn, mostly movement, but a missed musket shot or two as well.

The dwarven clan chief, just called the Mountain King. 

Orc Warboss Skullsplitta' and his 'ard boys.

The first casualty of the skrimish, one of the goblin archers.

Start of the 3rd turn.

The Dwarven polar bear rider clashes with a goblin on a gigant spider. After lost of biting and scratching, the spider and rider lies dead, but the bear rider is heads down. 

Over by the woods a fierce fight breaks out, the dwarves first charging the orcs, killing one and driving the other back while losing one warrior themselves. Then comes the orc counter-charge, and the lone warrior falls to the savage blows of the charging orc.

The orc shaman (off shot here) summons a lightning bolt, but luck is with the musketeer he aimed for, how quickly drops to the ground, narrowly avoiding the bolt.

The boss and the mountain king meet in the woods just west of the cave, starting an epic fight that would last for several rounds. They are both beaten back, and a orc sees an opportunity to lay low the king. He charges, but puts up a poor fight against the more seasoned king, who quickly dispaches him.

The bear rider, emboldend by his recent victory, decides to charge the cowering goblin archer. Something goes awry, as he thunders through the high grass, the goblin somehow gets the drop on him! His wicked knife finds the bears heart, and as he falls over, he crushes his rider!

Lightning bolts streak from the shamans open hand, grazing another dwarf!

Both shaking their momentary daze, the Boss and the King clash again repetedly, the old dwarfs greater experience is quickly showing however. Wound after wound, the injuries start sapping the orc warbosses strenght and endurance!

Start of the final turn.

After receiving yet another few blows, Skullsplitta' is finally laid low by a heavy axe chop from the Mountain King.

At this point we decided to call the game, since the Orcs had lost their leader and their shaman was the only real threat left, they wisely withdrew.

A Dwarven Victory!

Clash on the Fringe works beautifully for fantasy it seems, and even though we came up with a thing or two to change around for next time, it required minimum changes to work as a warband fantasy game. With some additional changes, I think we'll be able to play both bigger company equivalent games, as well as micro hero skirmishes, with nothing but a handfull of heroic characters facing off against one another.

I have just finished up the last component of my newest sci-fi army, the NIJA now have infantry and commanders and even some scouts!
The 1st campaign scenario will hopefully be played early next week, along with a trial run of Laserstorm, now that I have a Opfor ready to take on the GEU.

Til next time!


  1. Excellent, I would never have thought to do this, glad to hear it worked so well :-)

    1. I can't help myself when it comes to rules tinkering, most of the time it doesn't pan out but a lucky few times it does!

  2. Looks like everything shook out wonderfully.

    Pop me an email with any changes you did, if you get a chance :-)

    Will need a number of monster traits for creating manticores and pegasi riders and all that :-)