Monday, 27 July 2015

Expanding the real estate and some droids

My vacation tragicly over, my mantra for the last few days have been focus on THE project at hand and even though I've sidetracked some with ideas for some near-future hacker-centric gaming inspired by a post on the Delta Vector blog and also toying with ways to play more mecha games, I think I've done quite well.

The project in question is of course the Saga of Clarke, my Clash on the Fringe campaign. For the next installment I needed some more pieces for my space station/interior tiles and so I set about making my 3x3 tile setup into a 4x4 one.

The new 7 tiles, made to match my original 9, but designed and painted individually before assembly this time around. A great timesaver, since I could finish these tiles in about 3 evenings!

Some close-up shots of the new tiles as well, beginning with the all-important air-lock:

I decided to push all the tiles around a bit, just to see what it would look like all set up, so here we go:

The entry tile for planet-side adventuring.

But I didn't only make the tiles, no sir! I also managed to make a droid, and paint another to test out their looks:

The 2 droids side by side, can you spot the home-build?

If you thought this was the one, congrats! Built from a piece of plastic tubing and some plasticard, this is probably going to be a one-off quirky unit that might show up from time to time.

This guy however, is a experimental unit known as Red. I painted him to see if the sculpt could work for robotic soldiers, and I think the do the trick. Red is no simple mook though, he is kitted out with a over-charged energy rifle, various software upgrades and a radical custom paintjob.

With most things in place for the next session, I hope to have the next chapter in the Saga of Clarke for you soon!
There might also be some preparation for mech combat and such in the future, who can tell?

Til next time!


  1. Aha! I knew it! Those were the droids I was looking for!

    Nice job! It all looks great.

  2. Love the tiles, great paint job, look forward to seeing them in a game :-)

    1. Thanks Yoshimi, your wish will hopefully come true in a few days! :)