Sunday, 12 April 2015

The return of Union

Some of you may know that when I started this blog almost a year ago, amongst my first posts were the first minis and games that I ever played in 6mm. Since the playtesting on Starstrike began, I have wanted to bring something of my initial 6mil forces into it.

But since they were all element-based and I might still use them as such for Company commander or another ruleset, I needed to start from scratch. Luckily I had more than half of my original purchase of infantry untouched.

So the GEU, or Union return to my gaming table, and their great adversary, the Warg Industries will as well, as soon as I paint up more of them!

The full platoon of infantry, with two sections of power armor. All the vehicles were single-based affairs, so I'll be using the original ones.

 Quick close-up of one of the PA sections..

..And of the regulars.

I'm happy to report that the Sci-fi side of things are getting some more space as of late, even if my Fantasy project is still being prioritized.
 As soon as Sci-fi popped back on the to-do list for real, I of course had a couple of ideas for some settings/games/rules that would be (in my mind) really cool. It seems I'm not happy if I don't try to do too much at once..

That's all for today's small update, but I just finished up another 30 or so models the other night, so I have some treats coming up, Sci-fi and Fantasy both!

Til next time!


  1. Digging the bright green.
    I've been painting up two small forces of 6mm troops, and rather than mess around with camouflage (which ends up muddled in 6mm anyways), I went with red vs blue... both inspired by the old Battle Isle computer games and the animated series ;-)

    1. I think it does look striking :)
      I love red vs blue, and that's not a bad idea for the scale either! ;)