Friday, 10 April 2015

More playtesting

The last couple of weeks there has been a lot of testing going on, and not all of it Starstrike.

In the ever-elusive quest to have some rules that feels just right for my micro-scale fantasy skirmishes, I have run a few more playtests, revising my original idea and polishing the revisions some more..

Here are a few shots in some sort of order:

The Dark Elf raiding party closes on the Ashen wastelanders. 

A Chaos demon summoned from another plane quickly engages the elves. 

2 elves jump a warrior, flanking him and putting him in quite a spot. But have they seen the danger that lurks to their left?

Facing down both warlord and slave-warriors prooves too much, the demon vanishes in a puff of smoke and fire, but not before wounding his adversaries.

A brave warrior charges the Sorcerer, but his magical might is just too great. With a flick of the sorcerers wrist, his palefire consumes the elven slave-warrior. 

A tough spot for a lone warrior, assaulted by both warlord and sorceress! 

Most of the men of the ashen wastes have fallen, but the sorcerer hold out with inhuman tenacity.

His gifts are more powerfull than most this day, and both sorceress and warlord fall to his fell magic.

A second encounter, at a sulphur pit, deep in the desert. 

A warrior from each side is quickly dispatched,as crossbow bolts fly across the desert floor.
It doesn't take long for the bolts of magic energy to start flying as well.. 

And soon both magicans fall, the sorceress of the dark elves to a bolt of chaos energy, and the offending sorcerer to a crossbow bolt.

The Demon once more is the target of most of the elves attention. He puts up a good fight, but is eventually brought low yet again.

 Having conquered their main threats, the warlord take his time cleaning up the rest of his enemies..

The latest playtest we ran was slightly different, just 3 heroes on one side, facing off against a group of goblins:

A wizard, a Cleric and a Barbarian was trekking through the desert, when suddenly..
No less than 7 goblin warriors along with a shaman, led by a Boss and his champion, appear opposite the heroes. 

This first game showed that some of the values assigned the goblins were a bit off the mark, so we modified and tried again.

The second game went much more like we had hoped, the heroes managed to beat the Goblins, but it was a close call!
 The action was interesting enough that I only took the 3 usable pics during the 2nd game. At the end, no hero had fallen, but the barbarian, target of most attacks had only a pair of hits left.

The cleric was really the star of the hero party, he didn't do much in the ways of Goblin-slaying, but if he hadn't healed both the barbarian and the wizard at opportune times, none of them would be here anymore!

That's all for today, but rest assured there will be more in the future. I'm currently working on random tables for dungeon crawling, to handle dungeon, monster and treasure generation.
 I also have an old(relatively speaking) sci-fi faction that's making a return in my skirmish games, and some more fantasy terrain that I just finished.

Til next time!

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