Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Another Throxian standoff? A FPFH campaign turn 4

I played the 4th campaign turn of Five Parsecs From Home recently, but it has taken me a while to find the time to do this write-up.

For first-time readers;
The adventurers can be found here: Link

The first Campaign round summary: To the beginning!
The second Campaign round summary: The adventures continues!
The third Campaign round summary:  A quest is begun!

 Last time they saved an Alien VIP, who in turn set them on the right track, leading them closer to their prize.

Captain Al was back, and spent his time before the mission haggling in the local bazaars, in the end he traded one of their handguns for something that looked vaulable. It turned out to be a useless trinket! Chiyo had better luck, and managed to aquire a concealed blade.

 Mr Hammer stayed on guard duty as always, making sure no thugs tried to steal their stuff. Mr Smith, who had been injured, was still resting, this would be the last turn before he was all better.
 Duke spent his time training, but all he got was some exersise, no new skills.

With all downtime used up, it was time for the mission.

The group had been pointed towards a small settlement that officially did geological research and testing, but according to the VIP they rescued was up to something completly different. Researching alien ruins and the artifacts left behind.

Captain Black brought his trusted revolver and a knife. Mr Hammer had his usual combo of gattling gun and brutal melée weapon. Chiyo had her automatic and socket-wrench, while Duke came loaded with body armor, a hunting rifle, his power-fist, a handgun and a grenade; Armed to the teeth.

The outskirts of the settlement, our heroes need to search through the 6 white barracks on the far left to try and find clues on the alien artefact they're after. They are not alone however; A unit of Imperial marines are already here, searching through the area for something..

As the adventurers start moving up into position, something catches the attention of Mr Hammers keen optics; On the far left, right behind the barracks, a bunch of Andromeda cultists have just shown up! This is the second time the crash a party! (both in campaign turn 3 and now a in-game event known as a "Throxian stand-off" was rolled, meaning that a seperate 3th party enters the battlefield.)

The cultists waste no time getting to their masters dark work, and within seconds of showing up, a brilliant lightning arc takes out the Imperial machinegunner!
Duke is forced to duck back when a imperial soldier open fire on him. 

The imperial captain is quick to avenge his fallen comrade, but his aim is a little off and he only wounds the cultist.

As luck would have it, this particular cultist didn't get back up for the remainder of the fight..

Duke peeks out of cover, rifle ready to return the favor to imperial, at what constitutes point-blank range for his advanced hunting rifle. The imperials head dissappear in a puff of red mist.

Eager to get out of what's turning into a slug-fest, Chiyo moves towards the first of the barracks.

Now all three sides exploded into action. The imperials stated by forcing one of the cultists to fall back, scrambling for cover.
 At the same time Captain Al fanned the hammer of his revolver, killing the imperial soldier that was taking cover behind the closest barracks.

 A long range shot from another imperial made Duke rethink his position, and fall back to what felt like a safer copse of alien vegitation.
 With the closest threat taken care of, Chiyo moves to the first of the barracks to look for clues.
 There's lots of data readouts and empty coffemugs. but little of the sort of info they're looking for.

Captain Al takes a look, finding some evidence of artifact research that might prove helpful. The Andromeda cultists surge forward, looking for new targets. Another imperial soldier falls to the wicked Lightning arcs for the cultists.

 It quickly becomes obvious to the two remaining imperials that their position has become unenviable, so they move towards their transport, firing as the go.
 One cultist gets knocked down by a stray shot, while the return fire fails to hit any of the feeling imperials!
 When they reach the transport, they waste no time getting out of there, speeding off to report the latest findings. Might they already have found what our heroes are looking for?
 As they are leaving, they notice the remaining combatants manuvering for advantage and some fire being traded, but it seems to to little harm to either side.
Chiyo manages to get into a previously untouched building, but Before she search through it, she shoots at the cultist in the building across from her, making him bail out and run for cover that's out of sight!

Her luck doesn't hold however, a bolt comes streaming in through a window, knocking her to the ground.
 At the same time, Mr Hammer is hit and takes his first wound. The metal plating sizzles as wiring and redundant systems are being fried by a energy bolt from one of the cultists energy staffs.
 Captain Al, ever the gentleman, rushes across the open space between buildings to check on Chiyo. It turns out it's only a flesh wound, and she's soon on her feet again!
Pissing off Mr Hammer is a spectaularly bad idea, as this poor sod found out. Anger is a great motivator for his particular class of Warbot, and nothing makes him madder than somebody scraching up his paint job!
 The fighing luls for a moment, as 2 rounds in a row there's scurry round rolled. Lots of shuffling about, but no shooting.
 Eventually, the captain finds the time to search another building, yielding even more clues, while Chiyo tries to take her socket-wrench to the head of the nearest cultist. It doesn't go according to plan however, she's taken hostage by the cultist!

 At this Point the most cinematic moment of the entire battle happens; Realizing that the cultists are starting to fall back with Chiyo taken hostage, Duke takes aim. (he's in the lower right right side behind the alien plants)

The hyper-velocity round screams through the air, towards the cultists senior member.
(on the right)
 Both kill dice come up 6, meaning the cultist is out of action, twice over!
 Duke really came through when it mattered!
At the same time, the captain knocks down the last cultist with a few shots. All the cultists are now incapacitated, and the group can take their time searching through the rest of the barracks, and check up on Chiyo.

Mission successful!

 The intel gathered pans out, and another quest lead is aquired!

 A motivator chip for a droid is found and subsequently installed in Mr Hammer. They also find some local currency in a breached safe.

 Chiyo had to rest for a turn after being knocked cold, but the captain managed to secure help from the doctor that treated Mr Smith, so she will be ready for the next turn.

 Duke and Mr Hammer turn into good friends, having been through the trial by fire that is combat, and come out stronger for it. Duke also managed to finally learn a new talent after the fierce fighting; Evasive move (no longer subject to guard fire, focused even when under fire).

Having embarrased the imperial soldiers, they also gained a new enemy.

 It was a rollercoaster of a battle, when the cultists first showed up I was sure that the mission would have to be abandoned, fighting 2 enemies at once is never easy!
 Luckily they deployed far away (random roll) and get side-tracked fighting the imperials first, giving the heroes a head start in the search but the dice did favor our heroes as well!

This was all from the fringe at the moment, but a side-story might appear soon-ish.

Look to the stars!


  1. That was really fun to read , I just love the story thats emerging, makes me look forward to the next installement.
    With a bit of luck I'll be starting my own 5PFH campaign later this week, I hope it turns out as thrilling as yours.

    1. Thanks, I hope I won't disappoint!
      I look forward to seeing it, it's always nice to see what others do with their toys! are you planning on using 15 or 6mm for FPFH?

    2. I've gone the 6mm route.
      You can check out my progress here


      and here


  2. I always get a heavy Trigun vibe from reading your AAR's.

    And Mister Hammer made a friend! Feel there's a "He's a real boy" story hiding there :-)

    Looks like the enemies are lining up. Might have to spend a mission "sorting them out" in the future.

    1. Thanks, and much obliged, Trigun is a long-time favorite of mine!

      Even large killer robots need friends, right? Mr Hammer's a big softie on the inside :)

      They really are, the Andromeda Cult has me more worried than the imperials to be honest, because of my inside knowledge of their creepy friends..

  3. Yeah, Trigun was one of the big influences on the campaign style. I remember watching the series for the first time and being utterly shocked when the series suddenly turns from silly hijinks to being deathly serious.
    Fantastic show.