Sunday, 14 December 2014

Tyrian Power Armor, and a new challenger appears!

Even though I've been preoccupied with all things tiny (mostly 3mm for now, but 6mm is building momentum again), I have in fact had the time to give my 15mm lead pile some love as well.

First we have the newest addition to the Tyrian freehold's arsenal, Power Armor! (the sculpts are  NSL PA, from GZG awesome toys!)

The full squad, 5 mean machines. the official designation for the suit is the Goliath Combat Suit. 
(I managed to lose the close-up of the regular grunt, I'll try to get some new ones when time permits) 

The unit leader, he carries a gyro-jet pistol, and his is the only armor equipped with the extended sensory and comms package.

Primarily used for AT duty, the missile launcher is also useful against other PA targets.

The last special weapons trooper is the plasma gunner. He carries a rapid-fire plasma rifle, designed to engage heavily armored enemy infantry, as well as enemy light vehicles. This version, just like the standard machingunner of the Goliath also comes with a shoulder-mounted rocket system.

The challenger I spoke of is a force I painted up to use with No Stars In Sight, to give the Tyrians some alternatives to fighting the same foe every time.

They are the New Imperial Japanese Army or NIJA for short.
A platoon, minus the armored support, since they are still in the mail.

An NIJA officer. They serve all sorts of command roles in the army, from squad leaders all the way up to the army commander.

Having a focus on high-tech weapons and gagetry, about 50% of the squads have a drone-controller deployed with them. The NIJA makes use of drones not only for scouting and intelligence, but also for offence and support.

There are 3 common support weapons at the squad level in the NIJA; The first (and least common) is the automatic grenade launcher. AGL operators carries a set of munition ranging from standard smoke and frag grenades to the more exotic mono-filament and thermobaric varieties.

The second support weapon system is the guided missile launcher. The standart AT weapon for the army, it carries a operator selected multi-mode guided warhead. While mostly used against enemy tanks, the warhead can be configured to air-burst, standard frag or Contact HE modes as well.

The last of the support weapons are arguably the most common, the LMG. A compact version of the heavier crew-served guns, the LMG has a high rate of fire, coupled with a shortened barrel for easier handling in close quarters. 

At last we come to the humble rifleman. Backbone of the NIJA, they have an advanced armor system with neural-net links, giving the access to real-time battlefield data. The standard weapon of the armed forces is the Type 12 modular assault rifle. A bullpup rifle designed to fire 2mm caseless ammo, the Type 12 can be equipped with various optics and trageting packages, as well as Micro-grenade launchers and shotgun attachments.
Next in the painting queue is some more terrain, possibly along with a few more space opera types in 15mm. I have just received the new terrain pieces from the Ion Age as well, so I imagine they will be popping up on the blog before long as well!  


  1. Good work, very nice! I just recently bought GZG NSL Power Armour for my Interplanetary Union guys - I'm looking forward to painting them.

    1. Thanks, I look forward to seeing them painted by someone else :)
      I had a read through Wandering Star the other day, great work; I must try it out soon!

    2. Cheers! I'm still not decided if I should dare to paint them in a bright green…
      If you do try the rules, I'd be interested in what you think.
      P.S.: I like the idea with the colour-coded bases.

  2. NIJA huh? Very clever :-)

    Mini's are looking good as always. Going plain green for the bases or is there a plan for that?

    1. :)

      Thanks, I think I'll stick with plain bases, I have found that color-coding my bigger forces makes them look equally at home, or equally out of place, on all my battlefields..

    2. You know, I always wanted to do something where say, one platoon all had grass bases, one all had rock bases etc.
      Then each squad would have a little detail in common.
      Never got to it though